After giving birth or having a big belly? Four Key Points to Help You Reduce

Very not easy [unloading], after all kinds of joy and excitement, look down: Why is the stomach still bulging? Is what still hidden in his belly? When what does his stomach take back?

This is the trouble and embarrassment that new mothers cannot escape, even the world-class runners in off the charts who exercise a lot.

Stephanie Rothstein Bruce Stephanie, a professional athlete who is expected to be selected for the Olympic long-distance race, frankly shared her physical changes before and after childbirth on Instagram, so that everyone could learn that how had a thin belly in 5 months after unloading.

It should be admitted that it is Stephanie’s perennial exercise habits, as well as her persistent exercise during pregnancy and her unusual efforts after childbirth, that make it possible to recover so quickly.

Why is it that just after giving birth, the belly is bulging, like pregnant?

1. The natural process of uterine retraction

On the one hand, the reason is that the uterus has not retracted yet. If the belly is regarded as a balloon that slowly expands during pregnancy, giving birth to a child is not a process of puncturing the balloon at once, but a process of slowly retracting. This retraction process may be a little long, but it will certainly happen naturally.

2. Excess energy during pregnancy and lactation

For many new mothers, it also includes eating the saved fat desperately during pregnancy, which depends on diet and exercise.

Perhaps because of the traditional ideas or the strict control of the elders, (quasi) mothers constantly [eat, eat] [supplement] during pregnancy and lactation in the name of [for the good of the baby], making up too much! However, the long-term living habits of eating more and exercising less will not bring extra benefits to the baby, and the extra calories will only become the fat on the mother’s body.

3. Loose belly can only endure time,

And even if the belly is thin back, the baby’s loose belly cannot be solved by exercise and diet, and it can only be absorbed slowly by time!

The fastest slimming after delivery is a group of female stars, but there are not many who dare to show their stomachs directly after delivery.

Do you want to complain that stars have money, nannies, nutritionists, private chefs, fitness coaches, cleaning aunts… all of them are indispensable, and slimming down after delivery is not as simple as magic?

In fact, female stars are also ordinary people, who bear no less physical changes and psychological pressure than us. Just as public figures, they need to maintain their professional image in front of the media and the public, giving us one more reason to try hard to slim down and continue to earn money.

As long as we start eating and exercising as soon as possible, we can also change quickly and magnificently.

Key One: Can Eat, Can Be Thin, Milk Will Not Decrease

First of all, control how much you eat and eat what.

If the new mother gives up nursing after childbirth, it is good to keep the same amount of diet as the weight she can maintain before pregnancy. However, most mothers are encouraged to insist on breast-feeding, and their diet is basically the same as that of the third trimester of pregnancy, or about 500 kilocalories more than that before pregnancy. Mothers with strong weight control needs can slightly reduce their diet and only increase 300 kilocalories. 300 kilocalories are not too much or too little. It is almost an increase of 200 milliliters of milk (500 milliliters are recommended to drink every day) and an increase of 100-150 grams of calories in fish, poultry, eggs and lean meat.

It’s really unrealistic to take baby with you every day, to be busy and hectic, and to calculate how many calories to eat, okay?

In fact, as long as you listen to the voice of your body.

1. Eat only when you are hungry, with a small amount at a time and more than one day.

2. Don’t overeat, don’t habitually eat to support.

3. Heat should be controlled and ingredients should be selected correctly.

It is also particularly important to choose more nutrient-rich food types. Eat more fresh vegetables, eat a moderate amount of fresh fruits, eat more coarse cereals instead of refined white rice flour staple food, and choose lean meat. Greasy, high-sugar and heavy-flavor food, try not to eat if you can bear it.

4. Drink more light soup.

Like light soybean milk, milk, red bean soup, tremella soup and so on, instead of all kinds of oil soup, big tonic soup, avoid unnecessary fat intake. You know, the fat stored in the body by mothers during pregnancy is enough as a breast-feeding reserve.

Don’t worry too much about losing weight.

Don’t worry too much about losing weight during lactation. Eating too little will seriously affect milk. Stress and tiredness when the body is hungry will reduce the production of breast milk. It is also likely to lead to low fat and nutrients in breast milk, which is a big taboo for new mothers and babies.

Key 2: Insist on breast-feeding and patience is king.

How long will it take to get your stomach back? Worried to bask in hot mom photos in the circle of friends?

The speed and effect of postpartum slimming are related to the weight before pregnancy, the amount of weight gained during pregnancy, the amount of activities before and after childbirth, height and age, and even genes. Can’t compare speed with others.

After the baby is born, the hormone change in the new mother’s body allows the uterus to slowly retract, about 6 ~ 8 weeks later to recover to the size before pregnancy, this time everyone is about the same. If it is a single pregnancy weight gain of less than 25 kg, and reasonable diet, adhere to exercise, plus breast feeding, it will naturally lose weight faster.

Especially for breast-feeding mothers, breast-feeding itself will stimulate uterine contraction, produce breast milk to consume stored fat and consume extra calories, which is really an intensive exercise. Be patient! Even if all the steps are done correctly, it will still take time to see the effect of losing weight gradually.

Key 3: Active Exercise, Step by Step

Want to put your body back into tight jeans before delivery? Sports are necessary!

As a twin mother, I also know that taking children takes time, physical strength and spirit. I am tired and paralyzed at the end of the day. How can I still have the mind to do sports? In fact, it takes a little time to stick to 15 minutes a day, even 5 minutes at the beginning. Soon you will find that physical strength becomes better, energy is abundant, and taking children is more handy, which is a virtuous circle.

No matter whether it is natural delivery or caesarean section, if there is no special condition, simple exercise can be started within 6 weeks after delivery.

Starting with mild yoga and Pilates, practice flexibility and stretch your bones and muscles. It is best to do it under the guidance of a special person. Some dangerous movements should be avoided.

Then gradually increase the intensity and begin to practice the core training of abdominal muscles, such as flat support, etc. Don’t take too much daily, muscle strain is not good.

After recovering, arrange aerobic exercises according to their own interests, such as running, aerobics and various sports activities. Legend has it that 42-year-old lying-in woman Uma Thurman threw 22 kilograms after giving birth by killing the kung fu and fencing learned in Bill’s movie.

Key 4: Relax and Family Support

The new mother has many problems to face. It is good to do her best, and the mood is the most important. The pillow person should also be more considerate and patient, giving the new mother encouragement and support.

Postpartum thin belly is not as mysterious as imagined. By controlling diet from the beginning of pregnancy preparation and pregnancy, plus insisting on moderate exercise, everyone can quickly upgrade to an enviable hot mom like a female star.