Are you ready to be a parent?

In order for the baby to thrive, novice parents need to deal with the following problems.

Adjust one’s state of mind

    Calm down as soon as possible: It is inevitable that there will be some tension in the face of new life. After the tension, Parents need to stay calm, Observe the baby’s behavior carefully, Take care of your baby’s growth. Don’t neglect your partner: The arrival of a new baby often adds a lot of fuss to the family. But no matter how much your life has changed, Please keep normal family activities as much as possible, Ensure rest time, Always spend some time each day with your partner, A good relationship between husband and wife is the cornerstone of parent-child relationship. Seek support from relatives and friends: Taking care of newborns is a very tiring job, Especially when you don’t have much experience. When you encounter difficult problems, you should actively seek the support of your family and friends. Resolving conflicts: It is common for your family to have conflicts in their parenting concepts. Calm down and skillfully resolve them is the correct solution. Seek medical treatment in time: If you feel tired and depressed for a long time, please consult a doctor for help.

Summary of Conflict of Parenting Ideas, Please Prepare Early

    When do you add supplementary foods in what? Should deciduous teeth be brushed? Can the baby eat honey? Does baby pillow bald need calcium supplement? Can you give the baby excrement and urine? … …

These problems, you may have different views from your parents or your other half, how to choose? Click on the link above to view it.

How to protect the baby’s health?

It is suggested to choose breast-feeding and breast-feed as soon as possible after delivery to promote milk secretion.

The amount of breast milk in the first few days may be small, but it is rich in antibodies.

Colostrum is pale yellow, which can not only ensure the baby’s nutritional needs, but also protect the baby from many germs. It is the first irreplaceable precious gift from the mother to the baby.

At the beginning of the world, the immune system of newborn babies still lacks sufficient exercise and is prone to diseases. You should avoid taking your baby to crowded and poorly ventilated places. Everyone should wash their hands before touching your baby.

If the family taking care of the baby catches a cold, please wear a mask, cover your nose and mouth with paper towel when sneezing or coughing, and throw the paper towel into the garbage can in time. Don’t forget to wash your hands at any time.

Measure the baby’s body temperature every day, and measure it in a quiet state before feeding, which can best reflect the real body temperature of the baby.

For the fever of babies under three months old, special attention should be paid to it. Release clothes and observe it for half an hour before measuring it again. If the baby’s body temperature is > 38 ℃, you should seek medical treatment in time.

Baby’s skin is delicate and more likely to get sunburned than adults. Attention should be paid to shielding when going out. Avoid direct sunlight six months ago.

Babies less than months old are prone to rashes on their skin. It doesn’t matter if some rashes occur. If you are worried, please consult a pediatrician.

Regular visits to the Children’s Health Department to evaluate the baby’s development and let pediatricians and you solve the health problems encountered during the baby’s growth.

Be familiar with the traffic, business hours and treatment environment of the nearby hospital in advance, and run the treatment card well in advance. In case the baby is really unwell, he will not be caught off guard.

The interaction with the baby cannot be less.

    Comfort the baby: Touch the baby’s head and shake the baby gently. Dress properly: Don’t let the baby overheat or overcool. Guide the baby to establish regular living habits: bathing, feeding, sleeping and playing. Wake the baby up by patting, changing diapers and undressing.

Four Safety Issues for Babies

To ensure a smoke-free environment at home, parents who smoke should give up smoking for the sake of their children and themselves.

Put your baby in a safe crib, wrap it tightly with a blanket, and sleep on your back. Avoid placing too soft objects on the crib, such as plush toys and pillows.

Adjust the outlet temperature of the water heater to below 49 ℃. When mixing bath water, cold water should be added before heating the water to avoid scalding the baby when the water temperature is too high.

Please be equipped with safety seats when you go out for a bus. You should use them every time you go out for a bus, regardless of distance and length of time.

Send a message

There will always be various conflicts in the process of bringing the baby. How to deal with them?

Whoever has children is in charge, learn more reliable knowledge of child-rearing, and explain it to his family with reasonable grounds. When there is a conflict between the concept of child-rearing between generations, it is suggested that [the husband should take the lead, one against the other], of course, the first thing to do is to unify his thoughts with the husband.

Arm yourself and start now. You will definitely be a good mother (father).

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