Breast distending pain, what should I do?

Doctor clove, my chest is distending and painful/as painful as electricity/dull pain/pain when touched… what’s the matter?

The girls’ description of breast pain fully reflects their rich rhetorical skills.

It is not easy to be a woman, and it is even more difficult to be a woman with frequent chest pain.

Why does breast swell and ache? What are the mitigation methods? Today, let dr clove take you in… no, no, I invited dr Zhang Zheng from breast surgery to explain breast pain to you.

There is no need to worry too much about breast pain at these times.

1. Adolescent development

A little girl who has just entered puberty will have small lumps on her chest and may also suffer from slight pain.

At this stage, estrogen will be secreted in large quantities to promote breast development. However, this kind of breast pain will soon disappear. There is no need to worry too much. This is just [being hit by youth on the chest] and no special treatment is needed.

2. Before menstruation

If breast tenderness is regular, it is usually related to the menstrual cycle.

Before the physiological period, estrogen level rises, and breast congestion and edema will also occur, resulting in chest pain.

After menstruation, hormone levels drop, and this distending pain will naturally be relieved without more attention.

3. Pregnancy

During pregnancy, changes in sex hormone levels lead to secondary breast development. But don’t be too happy too early, the pain in the chest makes you forget the joy of secondary development in minutes.

The pain at this time is actually that the breast is making active preparations for the upcoming breast-feeding mission and does not need to worry. At this time, it is OK to choose and replace the appropriate underwear according to the change of breast size.

Breast pain, beware of these diseases

1. Breast-feeding mastitis

During lactation, some mothers are not skilled in lactation posture or have not established good lactation habits, which will lead to pain of continuous breast expansion in different degrees. At this time of pain, sometimes accompanied by symptoms such as fever and fatigue.

At this time, the most important and effective mitigation method is to continue to feed with high frequency.

If it is exclusively breastfeeding, it is recommended to feed at least 8-12 times a day (including at least one night milk), with no upper limit on the number of times of feeding.

If there is systemic fever and bacterial infection, you can choose safe medication during lactation after communicating with the doctor, which will not affect the continuation of lactation.

2. Lobular hyperplasia of breast

Expansion pain caused by lobular hyperplasia of breast may occur at any time, and the duration of pain will vary in length and severity.

What should I do? Although it sounds a bit like chicken soup, first of all, you need to adjust your lifestyle. On the one hand, you need to manage emotional stress and avoid depression and anxiety. On the other hand, we should establish a good daily routine, do not stay up late, stay away from all kinds of estrogen health products, and try to reduce if we drink coffee frequently.

What if it hurts so much that life cannot take care of itself? Don’t hold on, go to a doctor and make a rational drug use plan.

Expansion and pain may not be a breast problem.

Sometimes, you feel breast pain, but it may also be caused by other diseases, such as gallstones, angina pectoris or cervical spondylosis. About 10% ~ 13% of patients with breast pain, their pain is caused by factors outside the breast.

Dr. Clove should specially remind everyone to inform doctors of other physical discomfort as much as possible when seeing a doctor, so as not to cause missed diagnosis or misdiagnosis.

Finally, no matter what nature breast distending pain, can’t be rushed to the doctor, must seek help from a professional doctor. Beauty salon massage, as well as irregular breast massage instrument and other methods, not only does not help solve the problem, but also may delay the illness. Recommended reading > > Breast massage, the more press the more serious?

When breast pain occurs, remember to open the [Doctor Clove] App, describe the condition in detail, and consult a reliable professional doctor.