Changing diapers is also a technical job, don’t say you know all this.

Whether you are a novice or a master in changing diapers, starting from the landing of your baby, changing diapers will always enable you to learn something new every time.

Most parents make the following common mistakes at the beginning: diapers are worn in reverse, with uneven sides, and even accidentally wet by male babies.

The following suggestions may help you avoid many mistakes that others often make, and even make you practice changing diapers into a craft.

Everything must be ready

Be ready with all the things related to changing diapers:

    Small square towel, new diaper, sterilized cotton ball or piece, small basin filled with warm water, garbage bag or special laundry basin

Keep everything within reach.

Changing diapers should be on a flat and wide platform, and one or two clean diapers should be prepared to wipe the baby’s towels and other items.

If the baby has diaper rash or is less than a month old, then extra tampons or cotton tablets, warm water, towels and diaper rash ointment need to be prepared.

Keep your hands on your baby.

After washing your hands, put the baby on the table.

Use safety barriers or other protective equipment, or hold the baby with one hand to prevent it from falling. During the whole process of changing diapers, even for one minute, the hand cannot leave the baby.

If the baby moves very hard, use his mobile phone or brightly colored toys to attract his attention.

Untie the dirty diaper. One hand holds the baby’s legs and the other hand unties the front of the diaper, but it will not be removed for the time being.

Wiping in sequence

First of all, wipe the baby’s fart with the clean front of the diaper. Remember to keep the wiping direction from the front to the back to prevent feces from entering the urinary tract and causing urinary tract infection.

Then clean it with a soft wet cloth or paper towel. Of course, it also needs to be cleaned from the back.

If your baby has diaper rash, use sterilized cotton balls or pieces and wipe them with warm water. The aim is to keep your baby’s buttocks dry.

If you change diapers for a baby boy, cover his penis with a clean diaper or square towel to prevent him from peeing.

Change dirty diapers

Raise the baby’s legs and pull out dirty diapers.

Lift the baby’s legs off the dirty diaper, and then place the clean diaper under the baby.

If you are using disposable diapers, make sure that the hook and loop at the back is placed at a height flush with the navel.

Then put the front of the diaper in the middle of the baby’s legs.

When changing diapers for a baby boy, make sure his penis faces down to prevent him from spilling over the top of the diaper when urinating.

Test tightness

After fixing the diaper or disposable diaper, test the tightness. To keep the baby comfortable, be sure to put two fingers between the diaper and the baby’s waist.

If it is a newborn, pay attention to folding the upper end of the diaper to expose the navel, or use a special diaper for newborn that can expose the navel.

Dispose of dirty diapers

If you use a washable diaper, rinse off the dirt on the diaper first, and then soak or clean it with a special diaper cleaning equipment.

Please remember never to wash diapers with other clothes.

As for disposable diapers, they can be treated separately in this way, or they can be wrapped directly and thrown into the garbage can. Separate treatment or sealing treatment before throwing can make the surrounding air fresher.

Enjoy the leisurely process

Many parents will slowly find that changing diapers is actually a pleasant thing, because this process can make intimate contact with the baby.

After all, the process of changing diapers requires you to lean over and touch your baby, touch your baby, talk or whisper to your baby, and take some time to sing or play small games with TA to distract your attention. At this time, the baby will watch you and listen to your voice.

Although it sometimes takes only a few minutes to change diapers, please learn from me and try to enjoy the process step by step.

Responsible Editor: Cat Capricorn