[confinement] with Chinese characteristics

There are many different opinions on whether or not to have a confinement and how to have a confinement, which can be summarized into three kinds: the old view of mother-in-law and mother-in-law is that confinement must be carried out, and there are many stresses and taboos; The other is the view of many young mothers, who do not need confinement at all and do what they should do after giving birth. The third view is between the first two. Although there are still many controversies, it does not hinder the booming development of [Yuezi Club] and blossom everywhere.

With the economic exchanges between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait, Many commercial formats that were originally only available in Taiwan also spread rapidly in the mainland, and Yuezi Club is one of them. The development momentum of Yuezi Club is somewhat similar to wedding companies. Few people used to use wedding companies for marriage. In larger cities, it seems that who does not use wedding companies for marriage now is somewhat different.

Confinement is a Chinese characteristic,

Confinement is also the quintessence of China, Foreigners have never talked about confinement, They are still better than us Chinese without confinement. Not many people have the so-called “lunar disease”. What’s more, Not only do they not have confinement, We also need to break many of our confinement taboos. Some time ago, one of my American expectant mothers made some requests when discussing the delivery plan with me. I believe many mothers-to-be will be shocked. The American expectant mother’s requirements include: give me ice water after giving birth, and I need to take a bath immediately …. Some young expectant mothers do not want to have a confinement because they hold the same view.

In the past, confinement was reasonable.

For confinement, We should take a correct view of science and history, [Existence is reasonable]. In the past, there was a certain reason for Chinese people to have confinement, Everyone should know that it used to be very hard to be a daughter-in-law. A large family of more than a dozen to dozens of people, The whole family’s clothes were to be mended and washed by their daughter-in-law. The daughter-in-law has to cook the food for the whole family. The child asked his daughter-in-law to take it with him. There are more than N other housework to be done by the daughter-in-law. At that time, there was neither washing machine nor washing machine. There is no air conditioner, There was no hot bath or hair dryer. At that time, there was no contraceptive method. One child after another, Nutritional conditions are also poor, Anemia, calcium deficiency and other malnutrition diseases are common. Therefore, nutrition should be greatly supplemented during confinement. To eat an old hen a day, To replenish blood qi, Do you want to take a bath and wash your hair (there is no hot water, No air conditioning ah), to be afraid of the cold (wrapped in headscarves, wear thick clothes), to rest more and less activities, can not eat raw and cold food (no refrigerator food easy to deteriorate). Usually the daughter-in-law is very hard, very not easy to give birth to a child can have a month’s time to rest, can have the opportunity to supplement nutrition, really should be.

Now the situation is completely different, whose daughter-in-law will still work as hard as before? Whose daughter-in-law still has such poor nutrition (there is too much nutrition now)? Who doesn’t have washing machines, air conditioners, hot baths and hair dryers yet (of course not absolutely, perhaps a few families still don’t)? Therefore, it is absolutely unreasonable to insist that confinement children cannot brush their teeth (for fear of calcium deficiency and tooth loss), cannot wash their hair, bathe or blow air (for fear of cold), need to make up for it (for fear of insufficient nutrition), and cannot go out (for fear of fatigue leaving a confinement disease).

How should we have a scientific confinement now?

The principle of scientific confinement is not to go to extremes, nutrition should be balanced, and lifestyle should be reasonable. In terms of diet, we should be healthy, balanced, nutritious, but not excessive. In principle, what can eat it. Can I eat hairy crabs? Yes (don’t eat hairy crabs as food)! Can I have sashimi? Yes (you can eat what your husband can rest assured)! Can I have coffee? Yes (not too much)! Can I have ice cream? Yes (just relieve your appetite)! In the past, the Chinese people paid attention to [supplementation], and the main way of supplementation was to replenish blood and qi, which was related to the lack of nutrition in most Chinese people before. Now most people do not need supplementation, and more attention should be paid to balanced nutrition.

In terms of lifestyle, Attention should be paid to recuperation, But don’t lie in bed every day, A lot of things can be done, But don’t go too far. You can brush your teeth, You can take a bath and wash your hair. You can turn on the air conditioner (be careful not to be too cold, Don’t blow straight), You can watch TV (don’t watch it for too long like couch potatoes), You can play with your mobile phone to read my WeChat public number and popular science articles on Weibo. After the lochia of the confinement is clean, you can resume your sexual life (it is better to use condoms, ovulation may still occur during lactation, and pregnancy is possible). After the confinement, you can gradually resume exercise, and after 2-3 months, you can gradually return to the amount of exercise before pregnancy.

The Chinese philosophy is based on the Doctrine of the Mean. In a society of the Doctrine of the Mean, it is strange to see such an extreme practice of confinement. Let’s change it slowly.

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