Eight taboos in infant bathing

Bath, English name bath, scientific name bath. Ancient records: Mu, Zhuo hair; Bath, sprinkle body; Wash and sprinkle feet; Bath, sprinkle your hands. The four words of bathing, bathing, washing and bathing are linked together, which is what we call bathing today.

No matter for adults or babies, bathing is a spiritual thing, and one can feel the vitality of the body awakened in the package of gentle waves.

However, there are many differences between baby bathing and adults. If [informal] mistakes are made, the baby will be frightened. Let’s take a look at what methods are not allowed when bathing the baby.

Avoid: Use New Towels/Roadside Towels

Although the newly purchased towel looks clean and tidy, in fact, in the process of leaving the factory and mixed shops, I don’t know how many people have contacted it and how many bacteria have been contaminated. Therefore, the towel just purchased must remember to wash it clean and then give it to the baby. In addition, you should also remember to wash towels frequently at ordinary times, sterilize and disinfect, so as to protect the baby’s delicate skin.

In addition, according to < < weekly quality report > > exposure, roadside stalls of inferior towels often because there is no brand guarantee, in the printing and dyeing process will add a carcinogenic substance called aromatic amine and some harmful heavy metals. Therefore, must give the baby to use formal qualified towels.

Second Avoid: Too Much Bath

Frequent bathing of babies will cause their skin to be dry and even induce skin diseases such as eczema.

British child health experts advise that babies should not be too dirty to bathe frequently before learning to crawl, and parents should not bathe their babies more than three times a week. However, it is necessary to clean parts of the baby daily, especially sweaty, oily or dirty places such as face, neck, hands, groin and buttocks.

Three taboos: adult shower gel

The pH value on the surface of the baby’s healthy skin is weakly acidic, which can help the skin resist the damage of foreign bacteria. Therefore, when selecting infant skin care products, it must be noted that the pH value of the products must be similar to the pH value of the baby’s skin. At the same time, the cuticle of the baby’s skin is relatively thin and quite delicate, thin and tender. Therefore, if adult shower gel is used, the baby’s delicate skin will be stimulated.

Therefore, we should choose bath products with no fragrance and no tear formula for our baby, but we should remember to control the dosage. The baby’s body is small, and it is good to use a few drops of bath products. More is not the better, and we do not need to use them every time we take a bath.

Four taboos: incomplete scrubbing

After the bath lotion is smeared, it is time to start the scrubbing procedure. Remember to clean soap bubbles thoroughly. According to the order from top to bottom, pay attention to the hidden body parts such as behind ears and armpits.

For male babies, when cleaning perineum, you can gently lift the baby’s penis and gently dip the root and scrotum with soft gauze. When cleaning the foreskin, gently hold the middle part of the penis with the thumb and index finger of the right hand, gently push the foreskin back towards his body, and rinse with clear water. Pay attention not to push too much, not to turn up too much, otherwise it is easy to damage the small penis.

After the female baby’s pudendum is cleaned, the labia minora (the place where she urinates) should be cleaned first. If there are secretions or keratinized epithelium, etc., it can be gently wiped clean with cotton swabs, then the pudendum (vaginal opening) should be cleaned, and finally the anus should be cleaned. Attention should be paid not to scrub the pudendum after cleaning the anus to avoid cross infection.

Five taboos: Apply skin cream to the wound.

Baby’s skin is extremely thin and the protective barrier is weak, so skin cream is also needed to moisturize. However, even the mildest skin care products will irritate the broken areas on the baby’s body. Therefore, it is good to use skin cream to moisturize baby’s skin, and remember to avoid wounds.

Six taboos: overheating of water temperature/sauna

Bath water cannot be too hot, feel warm (generally slightly higher than elbow temperature). If you are not sure, you may as well prepare a thermometer, 38 ℃ to 40 ℃ water temperature is the baby’s most satisfied.

Although for adults, Occasionally sauna is a kind of enjoyment, because adults can grasp the scale. But for the baby who can’t express and can’t control himself, it is torture. Baby bathing is certainly not frozen, it is right to use the air heater to keep the indoor temperature suitable, but if the air heater temperature is too high, the bathroom becomes a sauna room, which is not desirable.

Excessive room temperature will cause babies, especially newborns, to sweat a lot, breathe faster and lose water, resulting in insufficient water in the body, blood concentration and even [dehydration heat]. If the baby is allowed to live in a room with excessively high room temperature for a long time, it is more likely to lead to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Seven Avoid: Use Conditioner

If you think it is good, it may not be suitable for your baby. For example, hair conditioner is like this. Baby’s hair scales are flat. You don’t need hair conditioner, just use mild children’s shampoo.

Eight taboos: Frequent use of nasal cleaner

Baby’s resistance is low, occasionally have cold nasal congestion, use nasal cleaner to assist in cleaning, can help breathing smoothly. However, do not [obsessive-compulsive disorder] attack, frequent use, or even hand picking, these actions will stimulate baby’s delicate nasal mucosa, and even lead to skin ulceration.

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