How is delicious and healthy [a cool summer]? Just read this article!

The weather is getting hotter and hotter. Besides short skirts, sandals, ice cream, ice cream and popsicles have also become standard in summer.

Blowing the air conditioner, a popsicle, the entrance ice cool;

Brush the online drama, a mouthful of ice cream, taste smooth;

Look at your cell phone, one mouthful of ice cream, with a strong aftertaste.

Only three people are needed to isolate the scorching sun outside the house from the annoying cicada sound. Such summer is simply irresistible.

However, there are so many kinds of ice cream, ice cream and popsicles, do you know how to choose?

Don’t worry, listen to Dr. Clove talk to you slowly.

What are the differences between ordinary packaged ice cream, ice cream and popsicles?

Taste and price are different.

In fact, the biggest difference between the three lies in milk fat and protein content.

Ice cream has the highest milk fat and protein content, followed by ice cream, while popsicles with only water, sugar and appropriate additives in the raw materials have no milk fat and protein.

From the price point of view, it can also be found that the higher the milk fat and protein content, the more expensive the ice cream is. After all, the cost is not low. The so-called “one price, one goods”.

Which kind of ice cream, ice cream or popsicle should I buy?

Of course, it is the kind you like!

What? Want a scientific answer?

Well, from a nutritional point of view, the recommended priority order is: ice cream, ice cream and popsicles.


Because, milk content is high, ice cream containing nuts and dried fruits has higher nutritional value than fruit flavor, but in fact it is not as high as fruit popsicles.

However, it should be noted that for health reasons, after eating ice cream, the sugar intake on that day will be reduced.

Otherwise, in the past summer, the S shirt will have to be upgraded to the L shirt, and it will be too late to regret it.

Therefore, we must make a clear calculation of healthy calculations.

Commercial ice cream contains 19 kinds of additives, is it really so terrible?

Eat everything, afraid of what!

Don’t worry, for the safety issue, the manufacturer has already considered the food for you!

If it is a formal enterprise that adds within a reasonable range according to the standard, there is no need to worry.

For the purpose of improving texture and taste, ice cream, ice cream and popsicle are indeed allowed to add appropriate amount of food additives.

Of course, the more amount and types of food additives are used, the better. The appropriate amount and ratio need to be explored through scientific experiments, and factors such as cost and processing technology need to be considered.

As for the safety of food additives, we just need to remember that as long as we don’t eat too much, there will be no harm to health.

Is it healthier to make ice cream now in cold drink shops?

When shopping with my best friend, I passed by the ice cream shop and was caught by the sweet smell. I couldn’t walk any more. I felt that these sweet smells were synonymous with rich nutrition?

You think too much.

Ice cream made and sold on site is also called soft ice cream. The standards of milk fat and protein content are almost the same as those of packaged ice cream, and the nutritional value is also close.

The cream content of Italian ice cream, which is promoted as “noble” and “healthy”, is not much different from that of ordinary soft ice cream, but its sugar content is much higher. If you insist on saying that it has what characteristics, its taste is dense and solid, and its tastes are diverse, it should be the reason why it has become “net red”.

As for the mystery of a well-known ice cream brand, it is because the viscosity of the raw materials is high and the special stirring process is adopted, which makes the ice cream completely adhere to the wall of the paper cup and does not make it healthier.

If you want to eat ice healthily, try homemade ice cream.

Want to eat healthier and more fun?

Do you want to bask in your unique freshness in social circles such as Weibo and WeChat, which bask in barbecue every day?

Of course, we have to offer the highest accomplishment of food and drink: make it at home!

The material is very simple, only need to prepare mold, milk, yogurt, coconut milk, your favorite fresh fruits, all kinds of dried fruits and nuts.

1. Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream

Freeze a proper amount of thick yogurt and add your favorite fresh fruit pieces, dried fruits and nuts to make a cup of smooth and fragrant frozen yogurt ice cream.

2. Fancy Milk Ice

Mix milk or coconut milk with various fresh fruit pieces, dried fruits and nuts, and add them to the mold to freeze overnight, i.e. Simple and delicious fancy milk ice is ready.

3. Frozen durian

Frozen durian meat, its smooth and fragrant taste, catching up with the top ice cream.

4. Banana Popsicles

Peel bananas, insert a stick in the middle, and freeze to a hard level. This delicious taste is smooth enough to refresh all summer.

Of course, don’t forget to send the finished photos to the social circle and let your good friends give you some praise ~

Although summer ice is delicious, you still need to be advised not to be greedy.

The ice is delicious, don’t have enough fun at a time.

Because, [cool enough] in exchange for may be all kinds of physical [uncomfortable].

Because ice products have high sugar content and a lot of energy, they often have nothing to eat, which is easy to eat too much energy and lead to obesity.

At the same time, if you do not rinse your mouth in time after eating these ice products, the residual sugar, milk and other food residues in your mouth may corrode the enamel on the tooth surface after fermentation, which is easy to induce dental caries.

However, eating too much or too fast at one time will not only stimulate the intestines and stomach and lead to diarrhea and abdominal pain, but also may cause [ice cream headache].

Therefore, eating ice cream, ice cream and popsicles must control the amount and speed of eating.

Occasionally, slowly savoring is the right way to open it.