How much [invisible sugar] have you eaten?

As a heavy sweetener, Dr. Clove deeply understands the love of human beings for sugar.

However, as a wise food, Dr. Clove also knows that eating too much polysaccharide will not only make you fat, but also increase the risks of diabetes, kidney stones, gout, heart disease and even various cancers.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends limiting the intake of free sugar to less than 10% of the total energy per day, which is about 45 ~ 50 g of sugar for adults with light physical activity.

What is free sugar?

Free sugars refer to all kinds of sugars (including sugars in honey and fruit juice) added by human beings when making food. However, it does not include sugars found in natural foods, such as sugars in fresh fruits, lactose in milk, starch in grains and potatoes.

50 g of sugar sounds like a lot, but unfortunately, once it becomes food, it will appear too little.