I experienced these two stories respectively when I bathed my baby and my baby for the first time.

At work, I am a dermatologist. In life, I am the mother of two children.

I have a son and a daughter. I have two interesting stories about bathing babies of different genders. I would like to share them with you.

A redundant son

Carp is my first child. This little man was round, full and heavy-eyed. From the day he was born, he brought great happiness to the whole family.

In particular, grandparents, grandparents, separated by a generation of extra relatives, look at everything he has, all feel [perfect].

It was not until she came home from the hospital and had to bathe the child herself that Grandma and Grandma were blindsided: “Why is this child a phimosis?” ]

As soon as I saw it, I smiled: [blind worry, who was not phimosis when he was a child? ]

Little knowledge: Is phimosis what?

In medicine, [redundant foreskin] means that the penis head is completely covered by foreskin, but can be opened by hand. And [phimosis] means that the foreskin is not only long, but also the opening is too narrow. Even if you use your hand to turn it over, it is difficult to turn out the whole penis head.

In fact, most boys are phimosis in their infancy.

This is called “physiological phimosis” in medicine, which is a normal manifestation and does not mean that it will always be phimosis in the future.

As the baby grows up slowly, the penis will also gradually develop. With the gradual expansion of the foreskin mouth, the foreskin will retreat upward on its own, and the penis head will be exposed, and the foreskin and penis head will gradually separate.

Therefore, the [physiological phimosis] of infants does not need medical intervention. If it is still phimosis at puberty, it is necessary to go to urological surgery to circumcise the foreskin.

Although physiological phimosis in infants does not require medical intervention, don’t think it doesn’t need to be taken care of.

When bathing the baby boy, we should also remember to wash his penis, otherwise urine, sebum and dead skin are hidden in it, how dirty it is. After a long time, it may also cause foreskin adhesion!

How should I wash it?

Step 1 Push the foreskin away

When taking a bath for a baby boy, you can gently push his foreskin back with your finger abdomen. The strength must be gentle and you don’t need to push it away once. Well, if you can push it away once, the child will pass out with pain. As long as you remember to push it every time you take a bath, cleaning will naturally become more and more convenient.

Step 2 Rinse with clean water

After pushing open the foreskin and exposing the penis head, clean the child with clear water, and then let go so that the foreskin can rebound and wrap naturally.

It is better not to use bath lotion, because the mucosal epithelium here is delicate, and bath lotion is easy to cause irritation.

A precocious daughter

By the time I gave birth to my second child, both my grandmother and grandmother felt that they were already [former people] and would not be surprised.

Who would have thought that this time she gave birth to a girl. When she was going to take a bath for the nurse, she turned on her diapers and they were dumbfounded again: “How did this child menstruate as soon as she was born?” ]

Before I could see it this time, I was reprimanded: “It’s your fault that what has a big belly and eats it!” People say that the chickens used in foreign fast food are all fed with hormones, which is great. They eat their daughters into precocious puberty! ]

I have been wronged, not to mention that the chickens that came out quickly did not receive what [hormone]. The baby girl has menstruation as soon as she was born, and it is not what [precocious puberty], but a normal phenomenon.

Little knowledge: Not [precocious puberty], is that what?

About 1/3 of baby girls will have pseudo menstruation at birth.

This is because when in the mother’s body, the baby girl absorbs a large amount of hormones from the mother’s body, and loses this effect after birth, so there will be a hormone withdrawal caused by [false menstruation], or, it may only be [false leucorrhea].

This situation does not require any [treatment], because after leaving the mother’s body, she will no longer be affected by foreign sex hormones. To some extent, I also think this is a good thing: at least it shows that my daughter’s reproductive system does not lack any organ. As long as the hormone is sufficient, she can menstruate.

All we have to do is pay attention to the cleaning of her perineum and wash the dirt.

How to clean it?

The pudendum of the newborn is relatively flat. When washing the fart, you only need to put the towel on the thumb, gently open the edge of the labia majora, and flush it with running water. The mixture of these [fake menstruation], [fake leucorrhea] and sebum can be easily washed away.

This kind of thing, said big or small, not only troubled our grandmother, grandmother, but also many novice parents worry.

In fact, if you understand the principle, you will sigh: it turned out to be a false alarm, all the children need is a good bath!