Is it healthier to drink alkaline water? Can’t eat eggs with fever? It turns out that the common sense of life is wrong…

What would you do if one day you found that the common sense of life that you once believed was true was wrong?

Let’s take a look at some health mistakes sorted out by Dr. Clove. After reading them, I may suddenly feel much more relaxed.

1. Choose alkaline water to make you healthier?


There is no so-called “acid and alkali constitution” in the body, and there is no such thing as “improving acid constitution”. The common acidic water and alkaline water on the market are just gimmicks for merchants.

Drinking water is to supplement water. Everyone’s body needs and exercise amount are different. You can drink 1.5 ~ 2 litres of water every day according to your own situation, with cool and yellowish urine color as the standard.

Drinking water is really not so exquisite.

2. Do not eat eggs when you have a fever?

It’s edible.

Rumor has it:

Eggs have a high protein content. Eating them when they have a fever will not only not reduce the body temperature, but also increase the body heat, which is not conducive to the recovery of the disease.

At present, there is no research to prove this statement.

After we eat something, different foods do bring different calories to the body, but the calories increased by eating one or two eggs have little effect on body temperature.

More importantly, as a delicious, nutritious and cheap food, eating more eggs when you have a fever is good for your health.

Can garlic resist cancer?


There has always been a controversy over whether garlic is anti-cancer. What Dr. Clove can tell you now is that up to now there has not been any study that can clearly conclude [eating garlic can reduce the risk of cancer].

If garlic is really anti-cancer, will the medical field remain indifferent?

4. Will crossing your legs affect reproductive health?


Crossing your legs can cause local temperatures to rise and make women’s [underneath] moist, thus causing a large number of pathogenic bacteria to proliferate? It will make the temperature of men’s balls too high, which will lead to the decline of sperm motility.

If the temperature is raised like this, will cotton trousers, warm trousers, autumn trousers… wear or not?

Dr. Clove reminded everyone: Perhaps it is more important to get rid of the sedentary habit.

5. Hot dishes can only be put in the refrigerator when they are cooled?

No need.

Hot dishes directly put into the refrigerator will not cause the refrigerator to break down, but will only cost a little more for electricity.

6. Acne grows in different parts, which means that there is something wrong with different organs?


The occurrence of acne is related to changes in hormone levels in the body. Some parts of the body that always suffer from acne, such as the face, chest, back and sebaceous glands (an organ sensitive to hormone changes), are relatively dense, so these parts suffer from acne.

However, many people have acne on their buttocks, which is mostly related to sedentary sitting, wearing tight pants and not changing underwear frequently.

7. Eating at night [hurting stomach]?

This statement is inaccurate.

It is not a good habit to eat late all the time, but if a person is hungry or needs to work at night, it is still necessary to supplement energy appropriately.

The reason why it is not recommended to eat too much at night is mostly due to sleep, weight and other issues. If necessary, it is always possible to eat less.

8. Repeated boiling water cannot be drunk?


The online saying is:

Repeated boiling of water, nitrite exceeds the standard, will cause cancer.

Water does produce some nitrite after several heats, but data from the laboratory tell us:

After boiling for many times, the nitrite content in tap water is still far lower than the national standard for drinking water (≤ 1 mg/L), so there is no need to worry about [nitrite poisoning] [carcinogenesis].

All talk about toxicity without dose is hooliganism.

9. Laundry detergent is better than washing powder?


In terms of decontamination ability, laundry detergent and washing powder are not much different, after all, our clothes are not too dirty. In terms of hand feeling, laundry detergent will be slightly better.

If you only use the washing machine to wash clothes, use whichever you want.

10. Can eating pig blood [clear lung]?


What you eat goes through the esophagus, and what you suck in goes through the respiratory tract. It’s not the same way. How do you do the cleaning work?

11. Can oral collagen effectively remove wrinkles?


Anything you eat, without special protection, basically cannot escape the gastric acid level and will be decomposed, and collagen is no exception.

From the moment it enters the digestive tract, it will gradually be decomposed into various amino acids and polypeptides, all of which are [dismembered]. How can it play a role?

12. Can you remove blackheads by washing your face with salt?


It is not only useless to always wash your face with such large particles, but also will wear out the skin and destroy the original protective barrier of the skin.

Perhaps many people use it once to feel [the effect is obvious], but the price is [damaging] their skin.

12. Brown eggs are better than white eggs?


Egg shell is what color, only depends on the chicken that gave birth to it is what breed, and it has nothing to do with its taste and nutrition. Which one you like to buy?

13. G-spot must exist?

Not necessarily.

Until now, scientists are still debating whether the G-spot exists or not. Instead of struggling to find the G-spot, there are still many ways to explore your body and make sex better.

14. Wearing glasses for a long time will deepen the degree and deform the eyes?


The deepening degree is mainly related to bad eye habits, inappropriate glasses and whether you wear them for a while or not. As for eye deformation, no matter whether you wear glasses or not, as long as you are myopic, your eyes will change.

Don’t throw these pots to your glasses again.

15. Can eating fish gall cure diseases?


The gall of many common fish is poisonous. Eating it not only does not cure diseases, but also poisons them, which may seriously endanger lives.

Food experts remind us:

Special care should be taken of the four major fishes [green, grass, silver carp and bighead carp], as well as crucian carp, blunt head bream (Wuchang fish), ilishaeformis ilishaeformis, etc.

The fact is, poisonous fish gall is poisoned, but non-poisonous fish gall is useless.

Why do you eat it?

16. 7:21 am is the best time to get up?


There are too many opinions about the best time to get up. A good time to get up is related to everyone’s biological clock habits (as well as the time to go to work and class).

Sleep well, there are two characteristics: one is to be regular, the other is to feel comfortable.


The best time to get up is when the alarm clock rings.

17. When sleeping, the mobile phone cannot be recharged at the bedside?

In fact…

This action will not make you fat, nor will it cause cancer by radiation. It may only lure you not to sleep all the time.

18. After reading this article, do you feel that life is much easier?