It is necessary to eat hot pot outfit X: what are hairy tripe and yellow throat?

Mao Du, Huang Hou, Jun Liver and Zhang Zhongbao, these strange hot pot ingredients, do you know they are all what?

Aha, you will definitely say, of course you know, you can also call out your name to the picture.

Then let me ask you, yellow throat is what? Is tripe the same as beef louver?

You may not know everything.

As a wise food, we have decided to popularize popular [exotic] ingredients in hot pot for everyone. From then on, it is not a dream to eat hot pot with X.

Hairy tripe, tripe, lasagna tripe: is a family, silly can’t distinguish

Mao Du is indeed the belly of a cow, or more accurately the stomach of a cow.

In fact, the common hairy tripe, tripe (honeycomb tripe) and lasagna tripe in hot pot are all one family and one of the four stomachs on the cow.

The hairy belly is the rumen of cattle, the honeycomb belly is the net stomach of cattle, and the veneer of cattle is the petal stomach of cattle.

The appearance of these stomachs is very different (so beef veneer and beef tripe look different), but because the histological structure is very similar, both are mucosal layer + muscular layer, so their nutritional composition is very similar.

In terms of nutritional composition, 100 g tripe (i.e. Honeycomb tripe) mainly contains 83.4 g water, 14.5 g protein and 1.6 g fat, and does not contain carbohydrate. Compared with beef rib meat, the fat content is less.

However, comrades who like to eat tripe should not be too happy too early. Whether a kind of food is healthy or not, more importantly, how to eat it.

Tripe, tripe, lasagna, They all have a lot of wrinkles and/or nipple structures, which greatly increase their surface area. Although this is very helpful for cattle to improve the efficiency of digestion and absorption, for us who use their stomachs for hot pot, it will make them carry several times more oil than other ingredients when they are picked up from the oil soup pot:

Therefore, when scalding hot pot, please remember to skim off the oil on them before eating.

Jun Liver: Actually, it is also the stomach,

The real common name of county liver is chicken gizzard. Chicken gizzard tastes tough and chewy, and is clean one mouthful at a time. It is a frequent visitor to barbecue and fried string. The county flower made after cutting it out of dense knife marks is even more hot pot for many people.

Because the name is county [liver], many people think it is liver, and even many people think it is kidney. To this, our county liver classmates said that they cried and fainted in the toilet: With my crunchy taste and my strong figure, I look like a muscular player. How can you guess some organs that are not muscular and soft?

In fact, the county liver and chicken gizzard are the stomach of the chicken, to be exact, the muscle stomach.

Wait, [Muscle Stomach] Is it what again?

As we said before, cows have four stomachs. And chickens, ducks and geese are not to be outdone. They have two relatively independent stomachs, each of which has its own advantages: the glandular stomach leads the way, specializing in secreting gastric juice; At the back is the muscle stomach, which mainly performs mixing and grinding functions.

It is the need of muscle stomach function that makes it grow into this strong and muscular appearance. And its crisp taste after being put into the pot also comes from this stocky muscle layer.

In terms of nutritional composition, 100 g gizzard contains 73.1 g of water, 19.2 g of protein, 2.8 g of fat and 4.0 g of carbohydrate, which is similar to chicken breast meat.

Yellow Throat: Not what Throat

Yellow throat is neither throat, trachea nor esophagus, it is-blood vessel!

What? The yellow throat is white, how can it be blood vessels?

Ha ha, the blood vessel looks red because it is translucent. Only when there is blood in it can it be white and red. Without blood, it naturally presents its own white color.

Usually, the yellow throat is made of large blood vessels from the heart of pigs and cattle.

Generally speaking, these large blood vessels can have a length of more than 60 cm for cooking, and each cow has several such large blood vessels, so there is no need to struggle with the problem of [a cow has only one throat, and a plate of yellow throat is made by several cows]. After all, a cow’s large blood vessels can make multiple plates of yellow throats!

When it comes to nutrients, In short, Yellow throat is made up of collagen, myosin and other proteins of various shapes. Although for some obese cows and pigs, Their vascular intima may contain some cholesterol, but since many areas are used to peeling off the intima before eating yellow throat, and yellow throat is not a common food, they do not have to worry about cholesterol once in a while.

Treasure in the Palm: It is worthy of the name.

The palm treasure is small but full of toughness. It chews like a perfect symphony of crisp and flexible. Where did such delicious miracles come from?

The answer is, as the name implies, [meat balls] on the soles of chickens and ducks.

Zhangzhongbao is a food material that has only arisen in recent years, representing the continuous pursuit of beautiful food materials by modern food products. However, due to its junior qualifications, this can make us calculate the nutritional ingredients. After all, when the food ingredient list was published, it had not been discovered by us.

However, we can use the data of boneless chicken feet to make an approximation:

In the Chinese food composition table, the edible part of chicken feet, that is, boneless chicken feet, contains 56.4 g of water, 23.9 g of protein, 16.4 g of fat and 2.7 g of carbohydrate per 100g;

In contrast, 100 g chicken breast meat contains 72.0 g of water, 19.4 g of protein, 5.0 g of fat and 2.5 g of carbohydrate.

It can be seen from this that the fat content of chicken palm Zhongbao is significantly higher than that of chicken breast.

Fat can improve the taste very well (but don’t eat too much). Even a bowl of clear soup with too little water to eat can taste as good as magic with a little lard. Therefore, it is no wonder that the palm treasure with more fat can please the tongue so much.