N Death Methods of [Tadpoles]

Why is it that there are tens of millions of sperm when they are first born, but only one (or occasionally two or three) can find the right egg sister and the others have to be sacrificed? Speaking of which, it is reasonable to adopt the “fine sea tactics”. If the number is too small, even half of the way will all die. Let’s take a look at Mr. Sperm’s difficult journey.

1. Not born at all

Mr. Sperm’s great-grandfather, called spermatogonium, lived in the seminiferous tubules. After a series of changes, sperm cells, the childhood of Mr. Sperm, will be born. These sperm cells will eventually develop into a batch of sperm. This process will take about 2 months. I don’t know how many things will happen in the middle, and some sperm teachers may not be born at all.

2. Death from disability

Mr. Sperm and his brother were born with great difficulty. Unfortunately, some of them were born with congenital deficiencies: either they were stupid and too lazy to move, living and dead, or they were short of this and that, or they were simply deformed. These sperm were despised by the other party because of their low facial value, and only died of grief.

STEP 3 Be bored to death

If a single male owner does not want to do it himself, if the sperm gentlemen cannot rush out of the male owner’s sleep by themselves, they will only squeeze into the narrow corridor to grow old bored and finally be absorbed. But then again, even if they run out by themselves, the end of their fate can only be the washing machine.

Step 4 Block halfway

Some sperm cannot come out because there is no way out (congenital absence of vas deferens), After much walking, there is still no way out. Some of them are caused by bad people making trouble and cutting off the road (epididymitis, vas deferitis), gonococcus, syphilis, trichomonas, tuberculosis… all of them are severe. Some of them are male masters and gentlemen, who have found a doctor to close the road (vas deferens ligation). In short, these sperm masters just lost at the starting line.

Sometimes, the male host’s road is unblocked, but when the sperm gentlemen come out, they see a layer of latex film. Maybe, there is some poison (spermicide) on it…

5. Death from dysfunction

Sperm gentlemen, when the seminiferous tubules were born, I can’t run on my own, It is up to the peristalsis of the parietal cells and the flow of fluid to push them to the next station, the epididymal duct. Here, Only then can they acquire the ability to run and combine with their egg sister. He will also throw away useless things and travel light. When he comes out, he will pass through the vas deferens and ejaculatory ducts. Seminal vesicle fluid and prostatic fluid will wrap the sperm in jelly and provide useful things such as trace elements, amino acids, fructose and enzymes. If something goes wrong on this road, he will have to die.

STEP 6 Drowned by Urination

Sperm gentlemen finally got strong motivation and entered the main road (urethra) from the fork in the road (ejaculatory duct). They should have turned down. As a result, the male owner had a problem and closed the downward road and opened the upward road. Sperm poured out, only to find that they entered the bladder (retrograde ejaculation), whoops… Either drowned or entered the toilet.

7. He was sent to the road of no return by his master and died of injustice.

As soon as Mr. Sperm left the house, he found that his master had put them on the road of no return, either in the toilet, in the corner, or in the toilet paper… before long they would die in the air. Sometimes, Mr. Sperm came to a more dangerous place-rectum, which could only be eaten by Escherichia coli or the like.

8. Suffocation

Mr. Sperm finally came to the warm and humid passage at the door of Sister Egg’s house. Originally, the jelly-like things wrapped outside them were to provide nutrition. To prevent Mr. Sperm from being killed by acid, but some male owners have semen problems. The jelly cannot melt (semen does not liquefy). Mr. Sperm can’t swim with all his strength. I can’t, die.

9. Acid Death

In order to avoid harmful bacteria, the hostess kept the pH value of the channel in front of the egg sister’s house at 4 ~ 5 all the year round. Although there are alkaline substances in semen, there are also alkaline liquids in the corridor (cervical canal) in the door, which is not enough. Mr. sperm who did not have time to enter the door can only be killed by acid.

10. Tired to death

Mr. Sperm finally entered the door. There was a 3 cm long corridor (cervical canal) in the door. However, Mr. Sperm’s average height was only 55 ~ 60 microns. He had to go upstream. Some half of the corridor was too tired to die quietly. However, there were many folds in the corridor. Mr. Sperm hidden here could live for 48 hours on average, with the longest being 5 ~ 7 days.

11. Can’t find the north, dizzy to death

Very not easy to the egg sister’s living room (uterine cavity), the problem came: the hostess’s hall on both sides of each has an egg sister growth boudoir (ovaries on both sides), each time only one of them has a mature egg sister. God, which side to choose? At this fork in the road in life, the wrong choice is no return!

12. To die

A few sperm gentleman gambled, chose one side to continue swimming, and finally entered the corridor in front of the boudoir. At this time, all the brothers had been killed and injured countless times, leaving only 15 ~ 20. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait,

It’s really a long process… In fact, in this process, there are too many killers who have killed Mr. Sperm, not only the problems mentioned above, but also the following, which basically affect the birth, growth, movement, etc. of Mr. Sperm:

Genetic problems (male host chromosomes, genetic abnormalities), death.

There is a problem with various hormones, death.

Nutrition can’t keep up with (male host partial food, lack of vitamins, trace elements what), starve to death.

The blood supply is not good (such as varicocele, toxic local environment of balls, lack of oxygen, peroxide, etc.), and it is hard to die.

The temperature is too high (cryptorchidism, or high temperature working environment, wearing too tight underwear, sauna, will make the egg temperature rise), heat death.

The owner has long-term contact with vibration tools (chainsaw, pneumatic pick, or drilling and generator room) and will die of vibration.

The noise in the surrounding environment is too loud and noisy.

The host was ill, medicated, contaminated with chemicals, smoked and drunk, and poisoned.

Always exposed to ionizing radiation (X-rays, exposure to radioactive substances) and killed.

Even the host is angry, the work is tense, depressed, the relatives die… Sperm has to be sad…

… …

From today on, take good care of your tadpoles!