Rice is not nutritious and high in sugar? Three Big Rumors about Rice

Every time I hear someone say that white rice is junk food, Dr. Clove is a little angry.

We have all eaten rice for so many years, but now we say it is junk food. We have the ability to spit out all the rice we have eaten for so many years.

So many things about rice, what is going on?

Well, it’s time to make it clear once and for all.

Three Classic Rumors of Carcinogenesis, Lack of Nutrition, Heavy Metal Poisoning and White Rice

1. Rice causes cancer?

One of the classic routines of rumors: the consequences are very serious. I would rather believe what I have than what I have.

Any rumor will always make people panic as long as cancer is used as a cushion. At present, there is no authoritative data to prove that white rice is related to the onset of cancer.

However, one thing to note is that moldy rice does contain aflatoxin, a strong carcinogen, so moldy rice must not be eaten, oh no, all moldy things should not be eaten.

2. Rice is not nutritious?

Rumor Classic Routine 2: Stealing Concepts.

Friends who say that rice is not nutritious do they think that rice accounts for half of the staple food by its beauty?

To be fair, white rice is only nutritious, but people are not without nutrition.

Complete rice contains starch, protein, vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and other nutrients, but in the process of our continuous pursuit of [Bai Fumei] rice, many nutrients have been lost, leaving only a large amount of starch, some proteins and a small amount of minerals and vitamins.

No wonder rice.

3. Are there heavy metals in rice?

The third classic routine of rumors is to make things out of nothing and exaggerate them indefinitely.

Cadmium poisoning, arsenic poisoning, lead poisoning… As long as the days are long enough, perhaps all heavy metals can have an affair with rice.

The state has strict supervision over the planting environment of rice and the content of various heavy metals. The rice we usually eat will not have these problems.

Two Puzzles of Getting Fat and Getting Diabetes White Rice

1. Eating rice is easy to get fat?

If you always use a large bowl of noodles to hold rice, if you are always used to cooking three bowls of rice with sour and spicy potato shreds (this is actually four bowls of rice), well, it is difficult not to be fat.

In fact, both rice and flour are the main sources of carbohydrates. In popular terms, they are eating sugar. As long as they eat sugar, they are likely to be fat.

Whether you are fat or not has nothing to do with eating rice. It mainly depends on how much you eat.

2. Eating rice may cause diabetes?

This statement is really not out of thin air.

Now there are many studies that show that the more white rice you eat, the higher the risk of diabetes.

With the improvement of living standards, we are increasingly pursuing [refined white] rice. Such rice is easier to digest and the postprandial blood sugar rises faster. If there is not enough exercise to consume the blood sugar, it is easy to keep the body in a state of postprandial hyperglycemia and increase the risk of diabetes.

Not only white rice, but also refined foods such as white steamed bread, white noodles and white bread will have this risk.


[It is easy to increase the risk of diabetes] and [it causes diabetes] are two different things.

Diabetes is determined by heredity, diet, environment and other reasons. It is not that eating white rice is bound to lead to diabetes, nor is it that eating white rice is bound to lead to diabetes.

In a word, no matter whether you get fat or suffer from diabetes, this pot cannot let white rice be carried back. It is more caused by bad living habits.

Is the white rice still edible?

Of course! I really gave up white rice. How do you live by making sour and spicy potato shreds, tomato scrambled eggs, fish-flavored shredded meat, kung pao chicken, farmhouse scrambled meat?

The three skills of matching thickness, changing staple food skillfully, eating more vegetables and rice

1. Matching Thickness and Thickness

Coarse grains not only generally digest slower than refined white rice, but also have more dietary fiber. After eating, they are full faster and hungry slower.

For example, one third of white rice can be replaced by coarse grains such as oats, wheat grains, black rice and millet.

Step 2: Change staple food

White rice and flour are really delicious, but they can also give other foods some opportunities.

Potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams, taro, lotus roots and other starch-containing potatoes or vegetables can be used as staple food. For example, replacing staple food with a bowl of eight treasures porridge can significantly reduce postprandial blood sugar reaction.

Step 3 Skillfully build vegetables

It is not difficult to find that if you eat with shredded potatoes or scrambled eggs with tomatoes, you will often eat more rice and eat faster.

If you change to broccoli, spinach, celery and other vegetables rich in fiber and chewy, the eating speed will slow down, at the same time increase satiety, eat less.

In fact, rice is still the good rice that holds up half of the staple food. As long as your way is correct, you don’t have to worry about what’s health problems, and the big plot about white rice will not break itself.