Summer is coming, how can women keep healthy?

It is another summer, and the gynecology clinic is extremely busy every summer, with many more patients than usual.

The temperature and humidity in summer are too suitable for the breeding of bacterial pathogens, which is often the season of frequent occurrence of some common minor ailments. Here, I would like to share with all female friends some things that should be paid attention to in keeping private parts healthy in summer.

Is lotion really [healthier to wash]?

Women are usually taught to keep clean when they are young and wash every day under the guidance of adults. However, as they grow older and influenced by various external publicity, many women begin to choose washing lotion, traditional Chinese medicine and other methods on the market, or use fumigation and other methods to clean.

But in the case of lotion, Lotion has certain inhibitory effect on bacteria, but the so-called [inhibitory effect] means that after the drug effect has passed, bacteria will recover their activity again. At the same time, the bacteria that originally lived in private places will also be inhibited. When recovering their activity again, they will often recover slowly than the infected bacteria with advantages, which may aggravate the occurrence rate of vaginitis.

I have two tips for cleaning private parts:

  1. For the vast majority of normal women, do not need to take special measures such as lotion, scrub vulva with clear water every night to prevent bacteria from breeding and maintain the balance of vaginal environment. If you have time, you can wash again after getting up in the morning to keep the day fresh.

  2. The cleaning plan for patients suffering from gynecological diseases should be [suitable for illness], and the specific problems need to follow the doctor’s guidance.

How to wear it, more conducive to refreshing?

In summer, women’s private parts will produce more sweat, which provides a good environment for bacteria and viruses to breed. In order to keep fresh, I have the following suggestions when choosing to wear:

  1. Underwear should be made of cotton as much as possible to ensure air permeability and sweat absorption.

  2. Clothing should be as loose as possible. Although tights are fashionable, they are not conducive to keeping dry and avoiding friction.

  3. If the environment is harsh, avoid choosing dresses.

In addition, when selecting sanitary napkins, besides the production date of the package, attention should also be paid to the selection of products with good air permeability, soft texture and no pigment and other additives.

Pads are not recommended during non-menstrual periods.

Work and rest regularly and keep healthy.

Although work units are usually air-conditioned nowadays, sedentary sitting can also increase local temperatures and create an environment suitable for bacteria to breed. On the other hand, there may be more nightlife in summer, and lack of sleep may lead to decreased immunity and cause a series of problems.

In terms of work and rest, I have the following suggestions:

  1. For long-term desk workers, it is recommended to get up and move for 3-5 minutes per hour.

  2. If the working environment is harsh, it is recommended to take a bath or clean immediately after work.

  3. Maintain good work and rest habits;

  4. Exercise properly.

Reasonable Diet to Ensure Balanced Nutrition

Many female friends may have had the experience of overeating or dieting to lose weight. Many people lose weight because of overeating, and many people eat too much after dieting and losing weight successfully. These are obviously unhealthy.

According to personal observation alone, vaginitis and hormone level disorders caused by weight loss are more common in recent years, so the suggestions in diet are:

  1. Ensure sufficient supplement of basic energy substances such as sugar and protein;

  2. Supplementation of vitamins and dietary fiber;

  3. Replenish a large amount of water.

Health Attention in the Same Room

The problem of sharing the same room cannot be avoided. I would like to mention the following matters needing attention:

  1. Pay attention to cleaning before and after the same room, and still scrub with clear water.

  2. Please do it after both parties agree and fully brew, because most vaginal mucosal injuries are caused during the same room.

  3. Pay attention to enough is enough;

  4. Remember to take safety measures when you have no plans to become pregnant in the near future or when you cannot confirm the health of the other party.

Summer Travel

Summer vacation is desirable, but there are many things to pay attention to when traveling. Don’t let those [troubles] spoil the good mood of traveling. In addition to the above problems, there are also some extra things to pay attention to when traveling:

1. Underwear is stored separately

Try to choose underwear with good air permeability, And avoid being put together with the coat. Some women will choose disposable underwear when going out, which is also good. In addition, it is not recommended to clean underwear during the journey. On the one hand, it is impossible to ensure the cleanliness of the water source, and on the other hand, there is no way to ensure drying and sunshine disinfection. This has left hidden dangers for gynecological inflammation and urinary system infection.

2. Carry personal sheets and quilt covers when necessary

At present, the hygiene conditions of most chain hotels are in line with national regulations. In addition to choosing regular hotels, they can carry bed sheets and quilt covers according to their personal habits, just for safer reasons.

STEP 3 Be careful to carry sufficient amount of commonly used drugs

Especially for patients during treatment, in addition to taking drugs according to the doctor’s advice, they should also carefully read the drug instructions. Different drugs have different storage conditions, and attention should be paid to selecting reasonable storage methods.

4. Pay attention to water, salt and energy supplement

Travel is a physical activity, which will lose a lot of water and salt. It is necessary to rest and supplement in time.

5. Keep warm and prevent summer heat

According to the different places you go to, check the local weather in advance and increase or decrease clothes in time.

These are some small sharing, and they are also problems that female friends often encounter.

If you think it is helpful, you can recommend it to the people around you. Of course, because it is a private topic, users who are worried about embarrassing after sharing can collect all the above suggestions. You can also tell the sisters who need it to help more people.

Responsible Editor: Yidan

The article was reprinted by Clove Garden authorized by the author.