Take a nap for a while, but you are more sleepy?

Late sleep and early rise, a lot of work, after lunch, sleepy. It is better to take a nap at noon.

Although a nap is good, problems also follow.

I can always hear friends around me complain that [after sleeping for a while, I am more sleepy, it is better not to sleep] or [the more I sleep, the more I want to sleep], not to mention the numbness of limbs caused by incorrect posture for a long time or vertigo caused by poor blood supply to the head.

So, how long is the most appropriate time to take a nap and how to take a nap as comfortably as possible under limited conditions?

[Better not to sleep], then do you want to sleep?

The answer, of course, is yes, because a high-quality nap is indeed good for health.

This involves cardiovascular health care, hormone recovery and even cell repair. But more importantly, it is the function of enhancing memory and improving cognitive ability-which is crucial for your afternoon work.

Some people may say that a cup of coffee during lunch can also get a similar function. In fact, caffeine improves your alertness while reducing your memory. On the one hand, you will be refreshed, but in fact you are more prone to make mistakes than usual.

How long is it better to take a nap?

Some sleep experts pointed out that a 10-to 20-minute nap is the most helpful time to restore brain function and can help your brain [restart] after an overworked morning.

The lunch break beyond this time is considered useless.

On the one hand, it may cause sluggish sleep, that is, we mentioned earlier that after lunch break, we will become more sleepy. On the other hand, a long lunch break may affect your sleep at night-after all, the total amount of sleep per day is fixed, and too much sleep will definitely make you sleepy at night.

Therefore, the conclusion is: sleep if you want, rather than sleep for a long time.

So, why does the [sleep until you wake up naturally] we usually advocate backfire during lunch break?

Why is it more sleepy when you sleep in the afternoon until you wake up naturally?

1. Do you understand [sleep cycle]?

The change of our sleep depth is not a simple continuous process from deep to shallow and then to deep, but a jumping change from deep to shallow.

If you wake up at the end of a full cycle, congratulations, you will be energetic and feel that the next time is extremely beautiful. But if you wake up in the middle of the cycle, especially during deep sleep, I’m very sorry, you will be accompanied by fatigue and tiredness.

If all this happens at noon, the problem will be even more serious. Because a sleep cycle takes at least about an hour, and the short rest time at noon simply does not allow you to have such a long time to [finish the nap].

So, really don’t sleep long, either just close your eyes and rest for 10 to 20 minutes, or don’t sleep at all. Because once you (in fact, it is easy) go to deep sleep, you will face a yawning afternoon.

Is your melatonin secretion normal?

Another possible reason is melatonin, which has been popular in recent years, and a related disease is sleep delay disorder.

The name looks very awkward. Simply put, it is a circadian rhythm disorder caused by long-term irregular life, and melatonin is the initiator.

Relevant experiments have proved that during the day, light can inhibit melatonin secretion by the pineal gland, while melatonin will slowly accumulate at night, making people sleepy, which is normal. However, irregular life will delay the peak of melatonin secretion. In other words, sleep phase delay disorder is that excessive melatonin is secreted when melatonin should not be secreted.

As a result, the peak delay of people’s vigilance occurs at night. But during the day he was sleepy.

Under this premise, a relatively long lunch break may be mistaken by your body for it is now night, and you need to [have a big sleep]. In addition, the body needs a long and stable sleep at this time, so-called [drowsy meets a pillow], naturally you will not be able to sleep.

However, this does not mean that many melatonin-related health products on the market can improve sleep.

Because melatonin is a hormone after all, and [sleep] is only a well-known one of its many functions, hormone products often pull one hair and move the whole body, but also need to be used carefully.

3. Maybe you are born to sleep!

Major breakthroughs in medicine in recent years are more or less related to genes, and sleep here is no exception.

Scientists compared the genetic information of 47,000 Latinos from Europe, America and Australia and 5,000 Asian Americans with their average sleep time to reach the conclusion that [the average sleep time of people is related to genes]. The experiment also found that different sleep is also related to metabolic and mental diseases.

Does how take a short and efficient lunch break?

Having said so much, should how have a comfortable and effective lunch break?

Although it was said before that [it is better not to sleep], the premise is that compared with entering deep sleep. In fact, a comfortable and effective nap can not only improve your attention, accuracy and efficiency throughout the afternoon, but also effectively reduce the incidence of hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and even depression.

Here are some suggestions for an effective lunch break.

1. Environment is important

If you have a separate office, it’s a happy thing. Close the door and put a label saying you’ll be back in 15 minutes. Even if you don’t, it’s OK to find a conference room with no agenda or take a nap in your car. Not really. Put on your earplugs and lie down on your desk for a while.

Step 2: Choose the right time

For most of us, The biological clock makes us feel sleepy between 1 and 4 pm, Therefore, we should try to schedule our lunch break within this period. The key to a good lunch break is that you take your lunch break in what. [A good lunch break should be taken earlier because it will not affect your sleep at night], said Dr. Neubauer, a sleep expert at Johns Hopkins.

3. Set up a [scenario]

In order to make your lunch break fast and efficient, you can use some things that help you sleep, such as your favorite pillows, lavender-flavored eye patches, plush socks, and even plug headphones to listen to a piece of music you like.

Step 4 Be as short as possible

As mentioned earlier, too long lunch break will make you more tired, so it is best to control your lunch break within 10 to 20 minutes.

Finally, don’t forget to set the alarm clock in case you oversleep.

Responsible Editor: Ding Ruoshui