The ring finger is longer than the index finger, which can explain what?

Let me ask you a question first. Why are our [five girls] of different lengths?

A friend replied like this: If you open your hand and do a ball holding action now, you will find that the fingertips of the five fingers of different lengths can just be pinched together and face the palm, so that you can grasp the spherical things well.

In addition, you have probably heard many statements about the length of fingers [depending on fate] [depending on character] [depending on health].

Men with longer ring fingers are also less likely to develop prostate cancer and have lower sperm activity.

The longer the ring finger, the less likely it is to get coronary heart disease.

The longer the ring finger, the better the science, and the longer the index finger, the better the liberal arts.

The longer the ring finger, the more money you make.

… …

Now you must subconsciously stretch out your claws and begin to think (or doubt) about life: Hey, does it mean that I will be rich sooner or later?

Dr. Clove tells you: The length of ring finger and index finger can best explain… your gender.

Male ring finger is longer than female ring finger

The ratio of index finger to ring finger length (DR) of human beings on earth is about 0.92 ~ 0.96. A small number of them will be lower than this value, or the index finger is especially long and greater than 1.0.

Then, scientists are really not idle and have nothing to do. After statistics, they found an interesting thing:

The difference in the length of the index finger and ring finger of women is relatively small, while the difference in the length of the index finger and ring finger of men is relatively large, and the difference in the length of the right hand is more obvious.

Why is this happening? This is mainly due to the balance of sex hormones when we are still fetuses.

If androgen receptor activity decreases, the index finger will grow longer, even longer than the ring finger. If estrogen receptor activity decreases, the ring finger will be much longer than the index finger. However, after birth, the finger length ratio will not change again.

After understanding this, let’s look at the previous ones in reverse.

The longer the ring finger, the better the science?

Boys love mathematics and do well in science, girls love endorsement and do well in liberal arts.

Boys should wear blue trousers and girls should wear pink skirts.

Boys should play with cars and girls should play with dolls.

See, we have a lot of [stereotypes] about the gender of men and women. There is no research on the relationship between finger length and subject performance. This statement is at best a version 2.0 rumor of [boys are good at science].

No matter men or women, as long as they choose what they like, they may achieve good results, regardless of finger length.

The longer the ring finger, the more money you make?

It seems a little mysterious, but there was indeed a study:

After observing 44 (yes, only 44 …) financial traders, it was found that those with longer ring fingers would make higher profits. At the same time, it was also found that the higher the level of testosterone, the sex hormone both men and women have, the higher the income will be.

The key to the success or failure of financial transactions is actually psychological factors, such as people’s determination, risk appetite and alertness, which are affected by fluctuations in testosterone content. It seems that there is a relationship between finger length and returns.

Besides, making money and getting rich is not only a way of financial transactions. How can one say that finger length can reflect the ability to make money?

The longer the ring finger, the more heart attacks?

Coronary heart disease, male infertility, prostate cancer, breast cancer… These are all mentioned together with finger length.

These also have no what significance. For example, men are inherently more prone to coronary heart disease than women.

If you are really worried about cancer, it is much more reliable to pay attention to smoking and other living habits first, or to pay attention to whether you have a family history of diseases.

The longer the ring finger, the better the woman’s temper?

Coincidentally, there is also a study that found:

For a woman whose ring finger is much longer than her index finger, the less obvious her [neurotic] personality traits are and the more stable her mood is.

But this difference cannot be observed in men… Is it because men’s character has always been stable?

In fact, character is not born and is also affected by many factors. The relationship between character and finger length is just a coincidence.

Dr. Clove summed up it for everyone:

1. There have been some studies on the relationship between finger length and health, but the problem is not only that the research scale is very small, but also that they are only one-sided and exploratory studies.

2. Most studies show only a little correlation, but no causal relationship.

3. Many phenomena can be explained by gender, and gender is indeed related to finger length, that’s all.

The length of your fingers cannot even decide whether you can become a pianist, violinist or basketball player. For your future, what cannot really change it.