To Solve the Worries of Elderly Diabetes Patients

Often hear sugar friends sigh:

Very not easy to retire, want to enjoy the happiness of their children and grandchildren, but I didn’t expect diabetes to find the door.

Don’t be melancholy first, you know, you can also enjoy family happiness as usual if you have diabetes.

Today, Dr. Clove invited Lao Wang, a senior patient of diabetes, to tell us about how and diabetes [peaceful coexistence].

Lao Wang, who is it?

Lao Wang, who has just passed his seventieth birthday, is a retired professor who has suffered from diabetes for 10 years.

Lao Wang’s hobbies are playing chess, walking and Taijiquan.

He can sing Beijing opera, compose gymnastics and dance, and is warmly welcomed by the community aunts. He has the laudatory name of “teacher’s milk killer”. Sometimes, Lao Wang will call his wife to dance in the square.

Lao Wang used to be a graduate student tutor and a tutor of alcohol and tobacco students. After his illness, he gave up smoking and drinking and said “bye-bye” to alcohol and tobacco completely.

Since Lao Wang found out diabetes, through the unremitting efforts of doctors and his own active cooperation, Lao Wang has basically controlled his blood sugar at the target level, and even his attending doctors have praised him for his good blood sugar control.

Lao Wang Xin is a group of diabetic patients and will promote his sugar control experience to everyone whenever he has the opportunity.

He is well aware of the worries of sugar friends. Here, Lao Wang helps everyone to break these worries one by one.

Have you ever had these worries in diabetes treatment?

1. Worry about Exercise

As we all know, exercise is indispensable in the treatment of diabetes.

However, many sugar lovers are not very clear about the matters needing attention in exercise, resulting in poor results and even problems.

For example, some sugar lovers use climbing stairs to exercise, thinking that after climbing the stairs, they are panting and sweating profusely, and the effect must be good.

However, this seemingly [effective] exercise method can be described as dangerous:

    First, climbing stairs has too much weight on legs and knees. Second, excessive exercise may cause hypoglycemia reaction, and the stairs are very high. If one falls down without paying attention, safety accidents will easily occur.

So, how is exercise reasonable?

First of all, not every sugar friend is suitable for sports. If there are the following situations, it is not suitable:

    Severe hypertension and poor blood pressure control; A severe heart attack; Serious diabetic complications, such as diabetic nephropathy, renal insufficiency, severe diabetic retinopathy and fundus hemorrhage, diabetic foot, ketoacidosis, etc.

In short, exercise is suitable for sugar lovers with stable blood sugar control under the doctor’s treatment and health guidance, and is more suitable for overweight sugar lovers.

Secondly, we should also pay attention to the choice of appropriate exercise methods.

Sugar friends are advised to do aerobic exercises, such as jogging, fast walking, aerobics, Taijiquan, etc.

There are also skills in sports:

    Avoid fasting exercise. The exercise time should be relatively fixed, which is conducive to cooperating with drug therapy. The best exercise time is about one hour after the meal. Each continuous exercise lasts for 30-60 minutes; To be on the safe side, it is best to exercise together or accompanied by family members. Do not stop immediately when exercising, but do some mild excessive exercise step by step. Prepare sweets, biscuits and other foods to avoid hypoglycemia.

2. Worry about insulin

Many sugar lovers think insulin is very troublesome and have fear of insulin.

But we need to know that insulin is a good helper in our fight against diabetes.

To put it more bluntly, if treating diabetes is a battle, insulin is a weapon.

How to use insulin well? Here are some tips to share with you:

    If you’re taking premixed insulin, Shake the insulin in the refill well before use. Due to different insulin concentrations, The effect is also different, in case the concentration of high injection of the same amount, may occur hypoglycemia reaction. After the injection of insulin, do not immediately pull out the needle, the needle should be kept under the skin for at least 6 seconds. Needle is no small matter, to do a needle change. Each injection site interval of at least 1 cm, to prevent repeated tissue damage.

3. Worries about Life

Some sugar lovers always have psychological burden after illness:

Well, I can’t do what work to help my children when I am old. Now it is good that I have diabetes, but I have to ask my children to take care of me, increasing the burden on my children.

In fact, parents all over the world have worked hard all their lives, and their children’s greatest wish is to hope that their parents will enjoy family happiness in old age.

Therefore, the best way to love children who work hard outside is to cherish their bodies.

It doesn’t matter if you have diabetes, what matters is that under the guidance of doctors, you can live peacefully with diabetes and still enjoy life.