Lazy ways to take care of children

Recently, in the circle of friends of mothers, a secret of lying down to tease children is widely circulated.

Some fans of Clove’s mother also left messages backstage, hoping to share their [lazy moves] with everyone.

Let’s take a look together!

1. Fishing is not as good as fishing for babies.

My baby is two years old. Once the baby pestered me to play with him, I took out my husband’s fishing rod, unloaded the fishhook, tied his favorite toy, then lay on the bed and led him to run all over the floor with the fishing rod. The effect is very good! Since then, my husband has spent more time fishing than fishing…

I’m going to become a butterfly!

Sissy in our family likes small animals very much. We often play some new animals.

When tired, I would suggest that I play Caterpillar, then roll myself in the quilt and discuss with her: Do you think I want to become what? Then ask her to find what I need to become that animal.

For example, playing butterfly requires a lot! Many! Flowery garments;

You need eight to be a spider! Only! Foot! Enough! Long! The feet of;

Playing mantis requires boxing gloves, bulb-like eyes, beautiful dresses and high heels.

In short, she can’t have time to ask me [Mom, when can you climb out of the cocoon in what? ]

3. [Secretly] Put on his makeup

Last time I wanted to have a good nap, I secretly instructed my wife to ask my little daughter to give me [secretly put on makeup, don’t wake him up! ] So the nap was so comfortable that it wasn’t awakened at all: D

4. Play blind chess!

If you are too lazy to move and play with your children, of course you need [special effects] ~ like me, you can play blind chess! From the first time I played blind chess with my son, he worshipped me as a hero. Hey hey, the average person really can’t learn this!

5. The robot is broken

A few years ago, my son pulled me up to play with him. I said, Mom is a robot, and Bibibi’s mother is broken. Seeing that my son was scared, I said, why don’t you try to fix it? Will you try to pull my right hand? At my prompt, he pulled it right, and my left arm bounced biu. He was pleasantly surprised. In this way, I [broke] for half a morning, and he had a great time… However, this seems to be not working well recently. As soon as I [broke], he tickled me directly.

6. Guess I’m holding what?

It is better to have two babies. The older ones are busy playing with the younger ones, so they don’t have time to take a reason for you. Before I was born young, I played the game of [guess I’m holding what] with my brother when I didn’t want to move. By the way, my brother is innocent. Every time he approaches, he hides things behind him… … …

7. Do you guess I am a what animal?

The key to doing this is not to ensure that the child moves, you only need to use facial features. Rules are very important! Guided by this principle, my daughter and I have developed a lot of games… let’s say one. Let’s pretend to be an animal, and those who guess right can pretend, while those who guess wrong can only continue to guess. Apart from exchanging roles for the first time, of course I was wrong ~

8. Let Eva fall in love with reading, once and for all!

The last time my son pestered me to play, I was so sleepy that I didn’t even have the strength to sit up. I casually picked out a book from the bookshelf that I wanted to read to him at least four or five years later, and then threw him a Xinhua dictionary. This is really useful… However, apart from pestering me to buy new books, he has not paid much attention to me now…

Playing some simple games with children can bring happiness and knowledge. Even if you are exhausted, it is not appropriate to plug your cell phone or tablet computer into your child, and the TV set is not a suitable nanny.