Uric acid is high, can you eat beans?

Many friends turn pale at the mention of beans when they find out that uric acid is high. They often have the inherent idea that beans are high in purine and must not be eaten.

However, studies have shown that eating soybeans and other pod beans will not lead to gout attacks, and plant purines have a lower risk of gout than meat purines.

The so-called low risk does not mean that there is no risk. Beans are not inedible. The key lies in:

For people with high uric acid, how much and how to eat different beans are important.

Soybean and Soybean Products

When we talk about [soybean], we are not only talking about soybean (also called soybean), but also including black soybean and green soybean.

1. The purine content of dry soybean is indeed high.

The purine content in dried soybeans is indeed not low, similar to that in meat. Every 100 grams of dried soybeans contains 190 milligrams of purine, compared with 150 milligrams of pork, beef and the like. However, the problem is that it is easy for us to eat 100 grams of meat a day, but it is quite difficult to eat 100 grams of soybean a day.

2. That purine content is greatly reduce after proces

In our daily life, we don’t eat dried soybeans directly. Either soak the dried beans and stew them or stir-fry them with vegetables. Either eat dried bean curd, tofu and other soybean products; Or it’s soya-bean milk.

In terms of 100 grams of dry soybean, it is almost equivalent to 300 grams of boiled soybean, 200 grams of dried bean curd, 300 grams of north bean curd (old bean curd), 500 grams of south bean curd and 2 liters of soybean milk!

Most importantly, in addition to soya-bean milk, tofu and dried bean curd will remove a large amount of water during the production process, and purines soluble in water will also be removed in large quantities.

Food Suggestions: When gout patients or people with high uric acid eat soybean and soybean products, they should first pay attention to reducing the amount of meat and replace it with about 20g of soybean or proportionally converted soybean products. As long as they do not drink a lot of thick soybean milk, it is possible.

Peas, broad beans, lentils

When this kind of beans are dried, the purine content is relatively high, especially the purine content of dried broad beans is higher than that of soybeans.

However, when fresh, the water content is high, the purine content is not high, and the starch content is small, which is still suitable for eating in vegetables.

Recommended cooking methods: stew, cook soup or even cook hot pot for a short period of time. Do not add a large amount of high purine ingredients such as meat or dried bacteria and algae at the same time. Boil for a short period of time, drink less or no soup, and eat a proper amount.

Red Bean, Mung Bean, Kidney Bean, Lentil Bean

Dried beans such as red beans, mung beans, kidney beans and black lentils are all eaten as staple foods. Their purine content is similar to or slightly lower than that of soybeans.

The general trend of purine content is:

Soybean > Mung Bean > Black Bean > Red Bean > Kidney Bean

1. Less consumption of dried beans such as red beans

At ordinary times, we usually only use a small amount of red beans and mung beans to cook porridge or beat five cereals and soybean milk together with soybeans, and the amount we eat every day is very small. However, drinking a bowl of coarse cereals eight treasures porridge and five cereals paste will not have adverse effects on the concentration of blood uric acid.

2. Miscellaneous bean diet is easy to improve satiety.

In addition, miscellaneous grains and beans are conducive to improving satiety and controlling body weight. For gout patients and hyperuricemia patients in remission period, they are conducive to maintaining healthy body weight, thus reducing the risk of onset.

Suggestions: Before cooking mixed bean porridge rice or beating soya-bean milk, soak beans several hours in advance and remove soaking bean water. Five cereals, soya-bean milk and mixed bean porridge can be drained with more water and made thinner.