Five Tips to Protect Liver

Among our internal organs, the heart and liver are probably the most beloved. People all know that if the heart stops beating, people will die, but it seems that if there is something wrong with the liver, it is not that serious.

Is this really the case?

The answer is no! You know, the liver has always been an unsung hero in our human body. It undertakes more than 500 tasks in our body without complaint. Each of these items is closely related to our health.

So, what does the liver do and how should we maintain it?

The liver is a good [model]

Speaking of the title of “baby” liver, other internal organs may not accept it, so let’s talk about what the liver has done.

STEP 1 Exhaust Toxic Substances

The liver is the largest detoxification organ. It decomposes toxic substances and removes residual drug components in the human body. Therefore, if there is a problem with the liver, toxic substances will accumulate in the human body.

One of the most common toxic substances is ammonia. Too much ammonia in the blood will affect our brains. In light cases, it will make people confused. In heavy cases, it can lead to coma or even death of patients with liver diseases.

Step 2: Regulate cholesterol levels in your body

The source of cholesterol in the human body is not only absorbed from food, but also synthesized in the liver.

Don’t think that all cholesterol is [bad]. It is not [bad] for the liver to synthesize cholesterol. High density lipoprotein in cholesterol can reduce our risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and is [good] cholesterol.

3. Synthesis of protein

Like cholesterol, protein comes from the liver. The liver is damaged and protein synthesis is also problematic. Therefore, some liver disease patients look very thin and weak.

Step 4: Bile production

Bile can help us digest and absorb.

5. Store glycogen

The blood sugar in our blood exists in the form of glucose. Glucose that the body does not need will be stored through the liver to form glycogen. When we need sugar, it can be used immediately.

In addition, there are many tasks, such as adjusting hormone levels, redox chemicals in the body, etc., which look very complicated, but these are all the daily work of the liver. Once mistakes occur, people are likely to get sick.

Tips for Protecting Liver

The liver is so important that care should be taken at ordinary times. Here are five ways to prevent liver diseases. These methods are not complicated, but just some good habits to follow as much as possible.

STEP 1 Don’t drink too much

If you think that only people who are addicted to alcohol and are unconscious will get liver cirrhosis, then you are wrong. If men drink more than 75 grams of white wine with an alcohol content of less than 40 degrees per day (50 grams per day for women), it will cause liver damage.

2. Chemical products should be used with caution.

Chemical toxins are not only eaten in the mouth, but also harmful to the human body. The skin is also an organ that absorbs chemical toxins. Therefore, before using any chemicals, be sure to take good protection, such as wearing protective clothing, masks and goggles when spraying pesticides.

3. Early prevention of hepatitis a, hepatitis B and hepatitis C

(1) Vaccination: Hepatitis a and hepatitis B are liver diseases caused by viruses. Although many children have been vaccinated and have immunity, many adults have not been vaccinated. If there is no hepatitis B antibody in the body, once infected, it is easy to be recruited.

(2) Ensure the safety of sexual life: Hepatitis B and hepatitis C can be transmitted through blood and body fluids, so during sexual life, we must pay attention to hygiene and do not associate with sexual partners with unknown health status.

(3) Wash hands frequently: Hepatitis a is mainly spread through water and food. Wash hands frequently after defecation and before meals.

Step 4 Use drugs carefully

In the view of many people, traditional Chinese medicine is a herbal preparation, which is purely natural and has no side effects.

Not really!

According to a 2013 paper from Xinqiao Hospital, Chongqing’s Third Military Medical University, of the 24,112 drug-induced liver injury patients in China from 1994 to 2011, 18.6% were drug-induced liver injury caused by Chinese herbal medicines.

Chinese herbal medicine has become the second leading cause of drug-induced liver injury in China.

5. Exercise and Eat Healthy

Keeping fit and avoiding obesity will greatly reduce the risk of fatty liver.

In addition, regular physical examination is very important, especially for patients with liver diseases.

Well, these five tips are easy to do at one time. It is more important to stick to them for a long time. Everyone should supervise each other.