What is it like to be an old man?

Birth, aging, illness and death are natural laws. What changes will take place in body functions when entering old age? Is the world presbyopia sees how’s? Is it how’s feeling that the body coordination is declining? The feeling of aging, When everyone gets old, they can realize it personally. But with the progress of science and technology, It made it possible to experience these feelings in advance. I had the honor to participate in an experience activity for medical staff. By wearing various devices to simulate the experience of the elderly, I experienced the feelings of the elderly in two different health states. Is the aging elderly what’s feeling? Even the elderly who do not have any chronic diseases, As Read More …

Antiviral Ribavirin Injection Can’t Treat Cold

Ribavirin can affect infants by breast milk. I have been working as a pharmacist for more than ten years. Never come into contact with ribavirin injection, Several pharmacies I have worked for have not purchased this medicine either. So I went online to check the Chinese instructions. It was found that there was such a sentence in the instruction manual: [Ribavirin has a small amount of drugs excreted from milk, And is toxic to both mother and child, Therefore, breast-feeding women need to suspend breast-feeding during medication, Milk should also be discarded.] Look at this sentence alone, It seems that it is only necessary to suspend lactation during medication. You can breastfeed when you stop taking drugs. But as a Read More …

It’s not cost-effective to go across the sea to buy [water]: on homeopathy

Homeopathy is sought after by Chinese mothers mostly because of the crisis of trust in Chinese drugs. Homeopathic products became popular in China around 2005, The rise of online shopping industries such as Taobao, In addition, there are frequent problems in drug safety in China, Many mothers expect to find some natural and safe drugs. Homeopathy products just satisfy the psychology of mothers. When many people do not know much about such products, Homeopathic products have become hot in China. Many mothers find homeopathic products as drugs. But strictly speaking, Homeopathic products are not drugs, It does not accept the strict approval of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Homeopathic products exist as an adjuvant treatment method in modern medicine. Read More …

Rib asymmetry in infants is not related to calcium deficiency.

As the diaphragm of infants (located on the medial side of the penultimate intercostal space of the thorax) is relatively stiff, costal edge eversion (like trumpet flower phenomenon) will occur to varying degrees. For relatively fat infants, costal edge eversion is not obvious; For relatively thin infants, costal eversion is more significant, and some asymmetry will be found on both sides. This phenomenon has nothing to do with calcium deficiency and will gradually ease at the age of 2-3.

Whether to be anesthetized for adenoidal hypertrophy surgery in infants needs doctor’s advice.

As long as adenoid hypertrophy leads to obvious snoring accompanied by sleep apnea, Follow that advice of an otolaryngologist, Consider surgery. When it comes to surgery, Parents are worried. The center of concern is mostly general anesthesia. Whether it is adenoidectomy, Or hernia repair, although all belong to minor surgery, but must be carried out under general anesthesia. General anesthesia is actually very safe. The anesthetic used now is a short-acting drug, which takes effect quickly and fails quickly. Anesthesiologists can easily control the dosage. Anesthesia is a science, whether it is necessary to accept surgery, parents should listen to the doctor’s advice.

It is common for babies to have [milk valves] in their stool.

Can be related to eating too much; Weak gastrointestinal function, etc. If there are no special symptoms, there is no need to pay attention to them, and there is no need to reduce the infant’s food intake just for this. If the stool is bloodshot, it should be tested for blood (whether there are red blood cells in the stool routine; Whether occult blood is positive), if anal fissure can be eliminated, intestinal hemorrhage should be considered, and milk protein allergy should be considered first.

Infant pillow core should be replaced once every three months.

The contents of the pillow core may be buckwheat husk, millet, However, the contents of the pillow core should be replaced once every three months. Babies can sweat and drool, which can seep into the pillow core. Long-term causes moldy food and other articles in the pillow core. Mould will enter the air through the fiber gap of the pillow core, which is easy to be inhaled into the respiratory tract by children, causing cough, runny nose, even excessive wheezing and other allergic phenomena.

Urticaria, which can cause shock to infants, should be careful by dads and nannies!

Dr. Cui answered: Urticaria is caused by allergy, If the allergen is suspected, Such as wheat bran, You should stop feeding immediately for at least 6 months. If you continue feeding, you may continue to suffer from urticaria, which may lead to anaphylactic shock. Urticaria is an acute and severe anaphylactic reaction, which is more serious than eczema. Therefore, special attention must be paid to avoid serious consequences. Antihistamines (cantamine, etc.) and hormones can treat acute anaphylactic reactions such as urticaria.

Emergency Treatment of Infants Falling into Bed

Don’t pick up the child immediately after falling into bed, first observe whether there is active hemorrhage and limb dyskinesia; If there is bleeding, immediately press to stop bleeding; If you have mobility disorders, pay attention to braking and go to the hospital. Swelling on the landing part of the falling bed, cold compress with ice cubes or cold towels to reduce swelling; Conscious abnormality, go to the hospital. Note: At ordinary times, let children play on the floor mat as much as possible.