5 Ways to Teach You How to Make Money to Support Your Family During Graduate School

When it comes to graduate school and doctoral studies, one may automatically fill one’s mind with a picture of many students burying their heads in experiments, concentrating on academic studies and living in poverty.

In the past, the attitude of the whole scientific research community was sweet! Yu! Qing! Poor! How can scientists talk about money? What we want to overcome is the century problem! We want to save the world from hot water! How can we spend our time making money? Money comes naturally… … …

Although scientific research should not bow down for five bushels of rice, talking about money is too vulgar and hurts feelings. However, lofty ideals cannot save the hunger and embarrassment of reality. Who wants to only stare at the miserable subsidy every month and calculate his life? ! Who wants to ask his family for money when he is old, and his girlfriend dare not talk about one? !

Today, the scientific research environment is much more relaxed than before, and everyone has begun to care about and improve the living conditions of scientists. Graduate students and doctors can also try to earn income and improve their lives through various legal labor. Of course, the premise is that you must do your scientific research work well and must not put the cart before the horse.

Next, let’s take a look at some secrets of making money.

Advanced Interpreter

During the study period, we do not recommend blind textual research, but the certificate of advanced interpretation is quite useful. Learning English well is of great benefit to scientific research. I can also take some work to make a living. For example, I translated for others and went out to accompany interpreters. At that time, the author’s income from translating a paper was as high as 1000 yuan. If I went out to accompany interpreters, my income would be even higher.

How to find translation opportunities? Try searching online, or consult relevant translation agencies and take part-time jobs. At ordinary times, you can find similar positions by going to clove garden to practice.

2. Carry out academic training

The most basic academic training is tutoring, which may be tried by many people. Generally, the hourly wage is 50 ~ 100 yuan/hour. One or two times a week, basically a month’s living expenses are guaranteed. Advanced academic training includes English training, civil service training, etc., as long as you have experience or expertise in this field. These courses are often very expensive and earn a lot of money.

Nowadays, online education is also very common. For example, the online education platform owned by Biology Xueba has signed up many doctors in school. They are responsible for the courses and the platform is responsible for the promotion, which has also brought them a considerable income. If you are interested, you may as well try it.

3 Holiday Marketing

Did you suffer 10,000 injuries in the past Tanabata? When most people are showing their love or being shown their love, a small number of people make a small profit on this day. They sell small-cost things such as meat, roses and glowing roses in places where couples frequently go. It can be said that being fed dog food is better than earning their own food.

I remember reading that time, I often set up stalls on campus with my roommates to earn money for meals. Of course, I also have to sacrifice some personal time. Now that online shopping is developed, you can also consider doing some small-scale online business, which is quite interesting.

Write a manuscript

The threshold for this method of making money may be a little high, but now is really a good time, because there are many platforms for submitting articles, such as Clove Garden WeChat Public Number, etc., which cost 1,000 yuan per article!

Encourage everyone to have time to write more, not only can they make money, but also can they increase their knowledge and skills reserves.

5 brochures

You may say, this is very low-level, and the income is extremely low. No, this is also skilled. You can take the propaganda task of local tyrants companies or Internet companies. These companies often print exquisite and practical brochures, and you can earn 1,000 yuan by sending 200 copies. If you have eloquence and contacts, you can also hire a few [younger brothers] to help you earn the difference.

Then the question arises, where can I find such local tyrants? On the one hand, you can pass the employment office in the school, enter the student organization under the enterprise, and have the opportunity to obtain part-time jobs. On the other hand, you can pay more attention to inquire more through the network, and keep in touch with the company’s market personnel. As for how to obtain the contact information of the company’s market personnel, it is necessary to test your retrieval ability.

How is it? Are these methods of making money helpful to you? The above methods are all effective by the author. I hope this article will not only teach you several ways to make money, but also enable you to re-examine money and better understand wealth.

Our researchers can live with more dignity by their own efforts.

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