A doctor with conscience says vaccination is not good? Don’t believe such nonsense

Over the past few days, many people have forwarded an article on vaccines in their circle of friends, saying that a [vaccine worker] with [conscience] has used his [years of experience] to persuade everyone not to vaccinate their children.

Dr. Clove wrote the article curiously and looked at it. He had to help his glasses to express his admiration.

If you have to pay taxes for lying, the author must have gone bankrupt a hundred times.

Is the vaccine really dangerous? Is it the same thing to get vaccinated or not? Dr. Clove must refute the rumor.

Rumor 1: Everyone has been vaccinated, and I am also very healthy, so it is OK not to be vaccinated.

I really want to say to the author:

Although you are healthy, you don’t need to talk about it either.

The more important significance of vaccination is to protect those who are more vulnerable. In this way, everyone can form a group [immune barrier] and serious diseases cannot be prevalent among the population.

If you don’t get vaccinated (or the vaccination rate is low), you will not only get sick, but also greatly reduce the effect of group prevention and control of diseases.

The simple reason is that if everyone thinks so, no one will fight in the end, which will only answer the old saying-

A thousand-mile dike destroyed the ant nest.

Rumor 2: The side effects of vaccines are very severe, but it is dangerous to hit them.

For most people, vaccines are very safe.

Adverse reactions of vaccines are mainly divided into 3 types:

    The first is red, swollen, hot, painful and systemic fever at the inoculation site. The second is allergic reaction related to immune mechanism. The third is infection caused by live bacteria or viruses in attenuated live vaccines.

The incidence of serious adverse reactions caused by vaccines is extremely low, only one in a million.

Even if there are adverse reactions after vaccination, most of them occur within 24-48 hours after vaccination, and the possibility of recurrence in the later period is very small.

Let’s think about it, if we don’t take vaccines if we worry about adverse reactions, then we don’t have to eat. After all, food may choke people to death.

Rumor 3: Immunity needs exercise, and the immunity obtained after getting sick is better than that obtained by vaccination.

I can only express my admiration once again for such people who are not afraid of sacrifice.

The human immune mechanism is not omnipotent. After one illness, some of them will indeed produce immune protection and will never get it again. However, once many serious infectious diseases suffer from extremely high mortality and disability rates, you will never have a second chance to get it again…

The prevention effect of vaccines on some major diseases is very good, so whether to take vaccines or not is a simple calculation problem.

Why do you have to get sick to solve the problem that can be solved by one injection?

Rumor 4: I found that many children will have fever after vaccination, which is very bad.

Usually, people always say that it is rare and strange. The author claims to be a [disease control and prevention staff] and still looks at the problem in this way. Obviously, it is rare and strange.

Some reactions (such as fever, a small amount of rash, gastrointestinal discomfort, etc.) after vaccination are common phenomena and will generally recover after 1-2 days.

Only when the situation becomes serious, with high fever, headache, vomiting, axillary lymph node enlargement, etc., can you go to the hospital in time and notify the vaccination unit.

After all, those children with fever only have fever in the end, and most of them are fine.

In order to reduce the chance of problems, besides paying attention to observation after returning home, it is recommended that everyone stay in hospital for observation for 30 minutes after receiving the vaccine.

Monitoring data show that anaphylactic shock, a serious life-threatening reaction, mostly occurs within 30 minutes after vaccination. If you can observe for a while after vaccination and have doctors and emergency drugs on site, many accidents can be prevented.

In fact, in the eyes of Dr. Clove, rumors are divided into two types, one is bad and the other is very bad.

This kind of nonsense under the banner of [professionals] is naturally very, very bad.

Not to mention causing panic, but can you afford to take responsibility because not getting vaccinated even if only one child or one family is harmed?