A Mother’s True Test Tube Story (6): Gong Tan, the [First Step] of Test Tube Baby

The last story said that the hero had done a good job in the examination of IVF. (Click to view).

After so much preparation, there is only one step left before the IVF cycle officially starts.

Is what [Gong Tan]?

Compared with the blood drawing and urine test in the early preparation process, Gong Tan made me very uneasy.

Although I have had the experience of hysterosalpingography, I still don’t like vaginal operations very much.

The doctor asked me to have a leucorrhea routine 3 days after my menstruation was clean, and to come to the hospital for uterine exploration within 7 days after the results came out ().

Uterine exploration (uterine cavity exploration) refers to uterine exploration surgery, which is a minor operation. In the IVF process, it is also called [trial transplantation] or [pre-transplantation].

Uterine exploration is the [first step] of IVF. Its main purpose is to understand the internal conditions of the uterus and prepare for embryo transfer.

There is an incident here. The test results of the hospital near my home were somewhat problematic (). This can make me worried, for fear that my condition is not up to standard, which will affect the time of palace exploration and delay the whole cycle.

Three days after leucorrhea examination, I went to the hospital. The doctor understood my normal physical condition and, at my strong request, reviewed my leucorrhea routine. As a result, everything was normal.

However, the doctor also said that even if there was mold, it would only delay the time of the palace probe and would not affect the cycle of IVF, so the doctor gave me a list of the palace probe on the day I went.

How did the palace detective do it?

When I came to Gongtan’s operating room, I found that a beautiful doctor came to examine me. She is about the same age as me, treats people warmly and has a good attitude.

I took off my pants and went to bed with my feet on the bracket completely open. The beautiful doctor helped me disinfect my pudendum and comforted me that as long as I cooperated well, the whole process would be very fast.

As a result, she began to operate.

She first covered my stomach and lower abdomen with a thick cloth from Zhang greatly, revealing only the operating part.

Then, use the metal duckbill (vaginal dilator) to open the vagina and take the cervical forceps to clamp the anterior lip of the cervix (this link will be more uncomfortable. After the vagina is completely opened, it will slowly adapt to this feeling of expansion, and the following operation will not feel too much).

Later, what’s things may have been stuffed in, I don’t know, At this time, the stomach is swollen, And there was an obvious feeling of defecation. Suddenly, There was a tingling pain in the abdominal cavity, I cried out in pain, The doctor said this was [measuring the uterine cavity], She also told me very gently, This kind of feeling will come again. Sure enough, followed by another stabbing pain (it is estimated that the second measurement was completed). After all these are done, it is to extend into the catheter, and there is no discomfort. The whole process will soon end, ten minutes at most. After the operation, my stomach is a little distended and painful, and I feel like dysmenorrhea (it will return to normal after almost an hour’s rest).

Finally, the beautiful doctor told me some matters needing attention after the operation, and the palace exploration was even over.

    The next transplant time hold back a little urine, the doctor will be easier to operate, and the next transplant is not so painful, because the catheter is thinner, the operation will be lighter. To prohibit sex, forbidden bath for 2 weeks, according to the requirements of oral anti-inflammatory drugs. Postoperative may be a little bleeding, with a good pad. Contact the doctor when abnormal bleeding is found.

When I saw my attending doctor again, I heard the good news: I went to the hospital to get medicine for weeks in 5 days!