A Mother’s True Test Tube Story (9): Can the Big Aunt Enter the next Stage after Delay?

Enter the first reexamination of IVF cycle

After entering the cycle on September 13, the doctor gave me an 8-day needle and asked me to review it on September 21 to see if the dose needed to be adjusted.

On September 21, I arrived as promised and finished Yin Chao. The doctor said that I would still keep half of the dose of Dabijia and come back after 6 days. If you continue to inject during your menstruation, if you haven’t menstruated after the injection, you will continue to come to the hospital to get medicine. If you have menstruated, you will come to the hospital to draw blood for examination on the third day.

I found that some of my sisters in the same cycle will adjust their dosage to one-third of the previous dosage after examination, probably because our physical conditions are different.

It is suggested that you should not compare when encountering similar situations, just follow the doctor’s advice and don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

Hard wait [aunt]

According to the doctor’s previous explanation, if you haven’t menstruated after taking the medicine, you should get the medicine again. I am looking forward to a success, but things often don’t go as smoothly as expected.

On the 13th day of lowering the tone, menstruation was delayed and did not come.

On the 13th day of the lowering needle (Dabijia), I have always had a menstrual cycle of 26-28 days, but this month I have been delayed in seeing [my great aunt]. I am really anxious to death.

On the 14th day of lowering the tone, menstruation finally came.

Hit half of Dabijia every day, but menstruation is delayed. Looking forward to the stars and the moon, I finally came [big aunt] 6 days later.

Diet changes, irregular work and rest, mental stress, psychological state, etc. will affect the menstrual cycle, so it is completely normal to postpone or advance menstruation a few days in good health.

In addition to the above non-disease reasons, some diseases such as endometritis, ovarian tumors, tuberculosis, etc. will affect the menstrual cycle.

If there are problems for two or three consecutive menstrual cycles, or if the menstrual cycles are irregular at ordinary times, you must see a doctor.

However, the needle to be given the next day was gone, and I had to go to Shaw Hospital for reexamination and prescription. In addition, according to the doctor’s instructions, the third day of menstruation also requires a blood draw for examination.

I just hope my ovulation induction can proceed smoothly…