A successful rescue of amniotic fluid embolism requires what.

A week after the death of Xiangtan parturient due to amniotic fluid embolism, a parturient in Shanghai also suffered amniotic fluid embolism, but recovered from the rescue of more than 40 medical workers for more than 10 hours in a row. We learned from Sun Jing, vice president of Shanghai First Maternal and Infant Health Hospital, that the parturient has been extubated and can communicate with doctors.

Of course, Xiangtan’s parturients are not as lucky as Shanghai’s parturients, but I hope everyone can understand that there is almost no rescue, medical personnel do not do their best, and whether they succeed or not is sometimes beyond the control of doctors.

So, a successful amniotic fluid embolism rescue needs what?

To be rich

DIC caused massive hemorrhage, the scene of bleeding, if you have experienced a must be unforgettable. Shanghai’s parturient rescue finally lost 53 bags of blood, rough calculation of the price is about 50,000 yuan, plus other rescue drugs and expenses, such a rescue may have to pay about 100,000 yuan.

It may be a bit cold to measure life in money, However, the reality is so cold that it will not become warm because we avoid it. If the patient cannot afford this expense, the vast majority of hospitals will rescue him first, but in this case, doctors generally need to consult the superior leadership to go through the process first. For amniotic fluid embolism, every minute counts and may not succeed, let alone be delayed by the process.

There must be blood

The total amount of blood transfusion for Shanghai parturient exceeds 10,000 ml. Such blood reserves are basically impossible for Xiangtan County. From the picture, we can see that the blood type of Shanghai parturient is type O. If it is type AB, even in a first-tier city such as Beishangguang, there may not be so much blood reserve. If it is type AB RH negative, then basically there is only one way to die.

Required Technology

Rescue of amniotic fluid embolism involves obstetricians, Midwives, nurses, anesthesiologists, ICU and intensive care doctors, examiners and blood transfusion departments and other multi-post cooperation. Anti-allergy, mechanical ventilation, relief of pulmonary hypertension, blood transfusion, pressure increase, acid correction, treatment of DIC and renal failure, hysterectomy and hemostasis, etc., must be closely linked, one place will lose the chain, all previous achievements will be lost.

The incidence of amniotic fluid embolism is only a few in 100,000, It can be said that the vast majority of medical personnel may not experience the rescue of amniotic fluid embolism all their lives, let alone have this experience. Of course, the rescue of amniotic fluid embolism is composed of a series of basic rescue means and methods as mentioned above, which is extremely important for the mastery, application and rescue plan and process of these technologies.

To trust

Rescue of amniotic fluid embolism requires every minute counts, In this process, many medical measures need to communicate with family members, especially hysterectomy, which must obtain the consent of the patient’s family members. In the whole process, if family members do not trust doctors and hospitals and cannot actively cooperate with medical rescue, any poor communication will make rescue lose precious time.

In interviews, President Duan Tao and Vice President Sun Jing of Shanghai No.1 Maternal and Infant Health Hospital stressed many times that their success in this rescue cannot be achieved without the full and active cooperation of their families.

Be lucky

Encountered amniotic fluid embolism is extremely bad luck, and to be able to survive requires the help of probability and luck. Less than 20% of the survival rate is there, and whether you can draw the lucky sign can only depend on luck. Family cooperation, economic affluence, just enough blood, encounter hospital doctors with complete technology and process, plus 20% luck given by God.