About Contact Lenses, Eight Hygiene Habits You Need to Know

Eyes are the windows of the heart, the exterior of the emotion, and the symbol of beauty. There are thousands of words and pledges of eternal love, but they are always unable to compare with the tender glances of lovers. However, you can’t see that the autumn waves in pursuit of love are mercilessly blocked under the thick lenses again and again?

As a result, countless men and women resolutely threw away their heavy and ugly frame glasses and put on small and light contact lenses just to have a pair of [talking eyes].

Contact lenses bring hidden dangers, do you know?

When you accumulate energy for your [electric eyes], you must know that although contact lenses are good, they increase the risk of eye infection.

When we put these light and small contact lenses over our eyes, It is equivalent to using this [foreign body] to continuously stimulate our delicate eyes and drastically reduce the oxygen source of the cornea: air contact causes the cornea to be in a state of continuous hypoxia. Now that our eyes are already in such [miserable] conditions, what we need is to rein in the precipice, not to add fuel to the flames.

If we continue to thoroughly implement our informal style of taking, placing, wearing and storing contact lenses, we must be careful, because on seemingly clean lenses, countless bacteria may be quietly developing and growing, waiting to attack our beautiful but extremely fragile eyes, causing our eye infection rate to soar.