Adult vomiting, how to do?

What other manifestations do you have when vomiting?

Vomiting is a very common symptom, and most vomiting often occurs before nausea. Vomitus may only be food that is not digested in the stomach, or it may also be blood clots or undigested food mixed with blood.

There are many causes of vomiting. The more common causes may be carsickness, drunkenness, gastroenteritis, pregnancy vomiting, food poisoning, food allergy, gastroesophageal reflux, migraine, etc. At the same time, vomiting may also be the early manifestation of some serious diseases, such as cerebral hemorrhage, stroke, appendicitis, intestinal obstruction, gastric ulcer, cancer, etc. [1]

Vomiting, what should I do?

STEP 1 Keep breathing unobstructed

When vomiting and after vomiting, you should sit or lie on your side to prevent vomitus from inhaling into the trachea by mistake, causing choking cough and even asphyxia.

2. In these cases, go to the hospital immediately or call 120 [1]

    Vomitus is bright red or brown: This situation indicates bleeding in the stomach or other parts, Be vigilant. Extremely large amount of vomiting causes dehydration: You can go to the emergency room after taking oral rehydration salts. Head injury 24 hours ago: vomiting may be caused by cerebral hemorrhage. Vomiting caused by suspected food poisoning. Vomiting exceeds 24 hours. Inability to eat or drink water exceeds 12 hours. Headache or neck stiffness. No urination for more than 8 hours. Abdominal pain is severe. Vomiting exceeds 3 times a day.

3. Pay attention to water supplement and diet [2]

Vomiting may cause loss of water, sodium and other substances. If it is vomiting caused by carsickness, drunkenness or if the doctor determines that there is no serious problem, you should pay attention to drinking some oral rehydration salts (a kind of sugar saline) after vomiting. Mild stomach discomfort may occur after vomiting, so you should pay attention to a small amount of meals when eating.

How to prevent vomiting?

There are many reasons for vomiting. Common vomiting caused by carsickness and food poisoning can be prevented from the following points.

1. Prevent carsickness and vomiting

Don’t be hungry or eat too much before taking the bus. Select the seat in the middle of the car; Look at the direction of the car and do not read in the car. You can wear headphones to listen to music to distract your attention. In addition, you can also take carsickness medicine before taking the bus.

2. Prevention of food poisoning [3]

    Ensure the safety of food sources: Do not buy or eat spoiled, expired and unknown food, and do not eat sprouted potatoes, wild mushrooms, puffer fish and other foods that may contain toxic and harmful substances. Pay attention to the food production process: keep the kitchen environment and tableware clean and sanitary; Meat and poultry are cut according to the consumption before freezing and fully thawed before cooking. Thoroughly heat food, especially meat, milk, eggs and their products, green beans, soybean milk, etc. should be cooked thoroughly. Cooked food and surplus food stored in cold storage and purchased cooked meat products should be thoroughly heated before consumption. The central temperature of the food must reach 70 ℃, And keep it for at least 2 minutes. Pay attention to food storage: the cooked food should be eaten within 2 hours, and the unfinished food can be stored in the refrigerator at low temperature. Food should be stored in a sealed container, raw and cooked food should be stored separately, and fresh food and surplus food should not be mixed.