After coughing for more than half a month, I insisted not to see a doctor. As a result…

He is well.

I didn’t expect such an uncomfortable cough to be tolerated.

The whole process is a bit complicated, please listen to me slowly.

I haven’t been ill for a long time. This cough came suddenly and violently, especially tonight. It made my grass leaves tremble and I was panting.

I tore off a piece of facial tissue and wiped away the tears accompanying the cough. I heard my son turn over his body on the small bed and look out of the window at the dawn. I said to myself in my heart that I would hold back the cough next time and could not wake my son up.

My throat is still very itchy, and I can’t cough up and swallow phlegm. I feel very uncomfortable. Sit up a little more comfortable, feel dry, so I got up and poured a glass of water.

What the hell is wrong with me?

Anyway, I couldn’t sleep for a while, so I began to recall the process of this illness.

A week ago

The first discomfort began about a week ago, when it was only intermittent cough with mild symptoms. Mainly dry cough, sometimes coughing up a little sticky phlegm in the morning.

So I started to check on the Internet and look at all kinds of statements on the Internet. I began to guess…

Seems to have caught a cold? But then there was no runny nose, fever, headache and fatigue.

Looks like laryngitis? Dry cough is more consistent, but there is no hoarseness, which is unlikely.

Like pharyngitis? At present, the symptoms are still quite consistent. Take out the mirror, open your mouth wide, lift up your head, and look at your [small tongue], that is, your uvula is a little swollen, and your throat is vaguely red.

Whether it is pharyngitis or not, pharyngeal inflammation has already appeared. Do you want to take some [anti-inflammatory drugs] (i.e. Antibacterial drugs)?

I hesitated a little and didn’t know what kind of disease I had. It was really not good to prescribe the right medicine casually.

Drink some water and feel much better. Let’s observe it again.

In the past two days, pharyngeal inflammation was observed every day, and there was no obvious improvement or aggravation.

It is said that time will slowly cure everything, but my illness is the opposite…

The 10th night

The illness has worsened.

At first, I felt headache and difficult to concentrate. Touch my forehead, as if it were a little hot. Take out the thermometer and the temperature measured was 37.2 ℃.

Do you want to take medicine?

It is said that ≥ 37.3 ℃ is fever, but I know that I am fever. It is said that there is no need to use antipyretics at this temperature, but I know that my body temperature will rise rapidly, so I have to take antipyretics now.

Because I am a patient, I feel that no one knows my pain and my physical condition better than me.

After taking antipyretic and drinking a glass of water before going to bed, I was very stable all night and coughed a few times occasionally, but not violently.

The next day, I was refreshed.

Look at the pharynx again. It’s still the same. It’s not light or heavy.

Have to doubt the previous [pharyngitis] judgment, is it still a cold?

Do you want to go to the hospital for diagnosis?

If you want to make a definite diagnosis, you have to go to the hospital for blood tests and film tests.

But the thought of the long queue and the crowded clinic hall gave me a headache.

Once again, I analyzed my illness. At present, I only cough and expectoration. I have no headache, fever, runny nose, fatigue and lethargy.

These discomforts are within my acceptable range, which makes me even more reluctant to go to the hospital.

Will it delay the illness?

I always feel that I can stop the disease or see a doctor in time before it gets worse.

Of course, it does not rule out some special circumstances. For example, the manifestations of some serious diseases may be very similar to my current situation. It is extremely easy to miss diagnosis without going to the hospital, such as lung cancer.

I understand that once I choose not to go to see a doctor, I must bear these risks, big or small. After weighing the queue, time consumption, congestion and risk-taking, I finally chose the latter.

In the next few days, I took my body temperature 3 times a day and observed my pharynx 3 times a day. Insist on drinking water frequently, go to bed early and get up late.

Fortunately, the condition did not worsen and began to improve slowly.

Day 16

Finally, on the 16th day of the initial symptoms, he recovered.

I couldn’t help joking with myself: indeed, I am not a young lung cancer.

Now that I am well, the whole person is awake, and I am a little scared when I think about it.

Although our province has been struggling with travel, there is no need to queue up for medical treatment, nor does it delay work, which saves trouble and money, but looking back, if I have been dragging my illness all the time, or if there is something wrong with what, am I not betting my life?

It’s really young and ignorant… … …

The illness naturally recovered, making me feel that I may have won the lottery!

Now that I am well, I have a clear-headed talk with everyone and talk about the experiences and lessons I have learned.

First, it is very necessary to master appropriate medical knowledge.

The medical common sense mentioned here does not refer to one or two health books, nor does it refer to the ability to skillfully search for diseases on public web pages.

Either receive formal full-time medical education or acquire enough professional knowledge from professional organizations so that they will not be too nervous when facing diseases.

Second, if you do not do the first, please see a doctor in time when you are not feeling well and strictly follow the doctor’s advice.

No matter how crowded the hospital is or how long the queue is, we must persist in overcoming all difficulties and see a doctor in time and many times.

It is really not convenient to go to the hospital. You can also consult a respiratory doctor on your mobile phone and let a professional doctor help you make a judgment.

The body is the capital to do anything, and health should always come first.

Third, even if the first article is achieved, we should also bear the risk of delayed treatment of some major diseases.

After reading my story, do you still think what I said online, what I said in TV advertisements, what Lao Wang said next door, and what a drug agent said about the disease diagnosis and treatment plan are reliable?

It’s all a lie.