Airway foreign body obstruction, how to do?

Emergency Treatment

Identifying Three Grades of Airway Foreign Body Obstruction

Level 1: Able to speak and cough

Level 2: Inability to breathe, speak without sound, unable to speak or speak

Level 3: Loss of consciousness

First stage processing

  1. Encourage patients to cough

  2. If necessary, call 120

Second stage processing

Inability to breathe-use the Heimlick maneuver

  1. Stand behind the patient

  2. With one hand clenched and your thumb a little above your navel

  3. The other hand grasps the clenched hand.

  4. Rapid upward impact

  5. Repeat until breathable or emergency personnel arrive

Third stage processing

  1. A condition of loss of consciousness

  2. Start with cardiac arrest


It is extremely dangerous to eat in water. Never eat in water after obstruction occurs again.