Always half hand pins and needles how to do?

Most people who often use computers have also experienced this kind of experience. They inexplicably feel that their wrists or palms are a little numb, and even sometimes they suddenly stab. If you want to shake your hands to get rid of this symptom, you find that the effect is not great.

This is most likely carpal tunnel syndrome, a disease in which palms and fingers cannot move freely when the nerves of the wrist joint are compressed. Women are more likely to suffer from this symptom than men, especially climacteric women.

How to Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Maintaining good operating habits is the best way to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome.

    The keyboard should be placed in the central position directly in front of the body, close to the keyboard at the same height or using the mouse, which can prevent carpal tunnel from being injured. The wrist should be laid flat as far as possible to operate the keyboard without bending or drooping. The working angle of elbow should be greater than 90 degrees to avoid compression of median nerve in elbow. The included angle between the upper arm and the predecessor should be kept at 45 degrees. At this time, the distance between the body and the mouse is more appropriate, and relax as much as possible to avoid leaning forward when using the mouse. Ensure that when using the mouse, the wrist is straight, the sitting posture is straight, and it is best to use a high-quality back pad, and the feet should be laid flat on the ground or foot pad. The height of the display screen placed in front of the body should not move the head up and down. After sitting upright, the eyes should be in a parallel straight line with the screen to ensure moderate brightness of the display screen. It is also important to choose computer desks and chairs and keyboard and mouse suits that suit you. During work, often stretch and relax the operator, can slowly bend the wrist, repeated for 10 seconds per hour; You can also make a fist clench for 10 seconds per hour.

Common Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

1. Tingling and numbness

The most common symptom of carpal tunnel syndrome is tingling and numbness of the whole hand.

There is a nerve in the middle of the wrist called the median nerve. Its control range includes thumb, index finger, middle finger and half ring finger.

Therefore, although many people feel numb in their whole hands, However, when the actual examination is carried out, it will be found that only the area controlled by the median nerve (as shown in the following figure, that is, the thumb, index finger, middle finger and half ring finger) will feel numbness or pain. The middle finger is especially severe, and the little thumb that is not controlled by the median nerve does not feel numbness. This symptom will be relieved a little by shaking the wrist properly.

2. Weakening of muscle strength and muscle atrophy

When severe carpal tunnel syndrome occurs, the information transmitted from the brain cannot reach the muscles of the palm, which will lead to atrophy of the muscles of the palm. The palms of the left and right hands are different in size, which is also one of the most serious injuries in advanced carpal tunnel syndrome.

How to treat carpal tunnel syndrome?

Early mild patients will generally receive conservative treatment, including taking some neurotrophic drugs, plaster fixation or ultrasonic treatment.

For more serious patients, under the doctor’s advice, surgery may be required. For those who are already serious enough to have muscular atrophy, even if surgery is carried out, muscle function can only be partially restored.

Therefore, it is still necessary to prevent it early and not to regret it when it cannot be completely cured.