Always unable to concentrate, are you suffering from ADHD?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, ADHD), It doesn’t just happen to children. In fact, 30% to 70% of ADHD children will continue their symptoms when they grow up. Adults who have not been diagnosed with ADHD in childhood, The symptoms will be more obvious in adulthood than in childhood, There are frequent problems in work and interpersonal relationships. Many adults are not aware of their situation. I don’t know why I just can’t finish the scheduled plan. Signs of ADHD are always late. Adult ADHD patients, Symptoms are different from those of children. Adult patients may be late for work or appointments repeatedly. They may realize that such delays affect their lives. But they just can’t seem to be able to show up on time. One of the biggest characteristics of ADHD is that, The patient is unable to keep his attention on the job at hand. This, It brings a lot of trouble to young people and adults with ADHD in driving. Some studies show that ADHD drivers are more prone to speeding, accidents and driver’s license revocation. Adult ADHD patients who are always distracted have difficulty sorting, starting and terminating tasks. When doing things, They are prone to disorganization, impatience and distraction. There are also some patients. Lack of concentration while reading. Lack of concentration and continuous follow-up of task problems, It may cause frequent career and interpersonal problems in adult ADHD patients. Emotional outbreaks are easy. Adult ADHD patients may have problems with their self-control, This can lead to problems, including, but not limited to, uncontrollable anger, impulsive behavior, As well as hurting or insulting people. Pay close attention to things of interest. Some adult ADHD patients can continue to focus on things that they find interesting-that is, they have the ability to [settle]. However, if the things to be done are boring, they cannot get involved. Do you have ADHD? Is it multithreading dilemma or ADHD? In today’s society, we are in a fast-paced working environment every day, busy answering emails and messages, answering and making phone calls, as if everyone is ADHD patients. However, normal people can still focus on important things in such a distracting environment. Adult ADHD patients will be unable to complete important tasks at work or in life due to interference. Is it ADHD or other diseases? If you often feel impatient and unable to concentrate, don’t easily conclude that you have ADHD. Such symptoms are also common in depression, anxiety and thyroid diseases. If you suspect that you have ADHD, you are advised to see a doctor first to rule out the possibility of such diseases. Doctor how diagnosed adult ADHD? Before many adults seek help with problems such as depression and anxiety, I don’t know that I have ADHD. If a doctor suspects a person of ADHD, Then it may be that the person has bad living habits, work troubles or frequent quarrels with his partner. Such problems must occur at an early age. It is possible that the patient has not been diagnosed as a child, but doctors will look for information from his family or personal files, which may be helpful for diagnosis. What about ADHD in adults? Many adults with ADHD are accompanied by depression, anxiety or obsessive-compulsive disorder, They are more likely to develop smoking addiction and drug abuse. Adult ADHD patients can alleviate these problems through appropriate treatment methods. Drug therapy is used to treat ADHD. The most commonly used drugs are called “central nervous stimulants”, which make it easier for patients to concentrate. In addition, doctors may prescribe antidepressants to you, which help control impulsive behavior. So, to what extent can drugs work? Although studies on ADHD treatment in adults are significantly less than in children, existing studies show that taking drugs such as [central nervous stimulants] can significantly improve patients’ symptoms, especially attention problems. Psychological counseling how live better? Difficulties at Work People with ADHD find it difficult to finish a job. They often fail to suspend tasks, refer to work guidelines, stay in an orderly state and catch up with task deadlines. Moreover, procrastination and mistakes are too common for them. In a large survey, only half of ADHD patients work full-time, while the full-time work rate for adults without ADHD is as high as 72%. The salary of ADHD patients, Also lower than their colleagues. Career choices of adult hyperactive patients are currently, No study has confirmed which field or content of work adult ADHD patients are better at. But ADHD experts say, His patients are outstanding in sales, performance, army, photography, sports coaching, trade and other professions. In fact, Adult ADHD patients are in any industry that makes them feel very interesting. All can do well. Vocational training for ADHD patients. Under vocational training or guidance, ADHD patients can perform well at work. Vocational guidance helps to improve patients’ organizational management ability through methods such as taking notes, making daily plans and sorting to-do items. A quiet working environment can reduce the causes of distraction. Symptoms of marital problem ADHD may destroy marriage or other interpersonal relationships. It makes it difficult to remember promises made. Birthdays, anniversaries, chores to be completed, bills to be paid on time, etc. Adult ADHD patients may easily lose their temper or do impulsive things. This leads to their easy separation or divorce. Life advice for ADHD patients is just like needing someone to guide their work. After receiving daily life counseling, Life has become much easier. Generally speaking, Life counseling is a supplement to formal psychological counseling, Counselors help patients apply newly acquired skills to life scenes such as tidying up the house and planning a trip. Organizational Management Ability of ADHD Patients Smartphones have some management applications that are very helpful to ADHD patients. Create a to-do list every night. This way you will be able to do things in an orderly way the next day. Remember to classify the list: for example, calls to make, emails to send, tasks to complete, and specific responsibilities to take on. Using the calendar application, you will be less likely to be late for important events by prompting you in advance for appointments and to-do items.