April Fool’s Day Feature: The people in this village in China live the longest in the world. The secret is…

Which parts of the world live the longest?

After decades of research and visits, regional longevity experts have found that people in several regions live 10 years longer than those in other regions, and centenarians are several times more than those in other regions.

These places are: Caucasus region, Hansa in Pakistan, Bilkabamba in Ecuador and Bama in Guangxi, China.

If you don’t say anything far away, you will say that this is the nearest Bama Changshou Village. There was even an old man named Landxiang who was once written by the emperor at that time to wish him a long life. He was 145 years old.

The secret of Bama people’s longevity is what?

1. Good air

Worldwide, urban air pollution kills about 8 million people every year. In Bama, not only is there no pollution in the mountains and clear water, but there has never been what smog.

2. Good soil

Bama’s soil is high in calcium, high in iron, high in zinc and high in selenium, and is rich in essential nutrients for human body.

3. Good water quality

Bama’s drinking water is natural weakly alkaline water, and the pH value of our human body is also weakly alkaline, which really coincides with each other.

An Italian water quality research expert named Pianni de Hushuo once analyzed the water quality in Bama region and found that the water here is also rich in various micronutrients, which can enhance immunity. Relevant research has also been published in world-famous journals.

Step 4: Eat well

The Bama people’s diet is mainly vegetarian, because they eat less seafood, meat and eggs, and do not suffer from cardiovascular diseases, and because they drink less milk, they do not suffer from cancer. More importantly, the food here is purely natural.

More and more people living in cities choose to become [migratory birds] and go there regularly to relieve pressure, retreat from the world and take care of themselves.

Speaking of which, I really can’t make it up…







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The truth is…

1. There is no [Landxiang] (too lazy to think about) this old man.

2. [Urban air pollution kills about 8 million people every year] data are readily available and will not be verified.

3. The nonexistent Italian expert Pianni de Hushuo has not studied Bama’s water, and even if the water is rich in trace elements, it is negligible. The various percentages in that icon are actually the proportion of the population in the United States who did not meet the nutrient intake standards in 2009.

4. The life expectancy (life expectancy) in Bama is about 76 years, while in our view, the life expectancy in Beijing and Shanghai, which have poor environment, is 82 years.

5. More than 90% of the elderly in Bama suffer from malnutrition to varying degrees.

6. The statement that [Bama is the hometown of international longevity] originated nearly 30 years ago in 1990, because 67 centenarians were born out of 224,000 people.

Oh! Thirty years ago, cancer was still a rare disease in China, or even if you died of cancer at that time, you might not know it was cancer, but now cancer is the second leading cause of death in the world. Times are changing so fast, how can you still cling to the old saying?

I don’t know what to do with these data.

Waiting to be cheated? No.

At least you need to review these common sense, which has been popularized many times:

1. [Drinking alkaline water is healthy] is an old rumor that appears regularly like a big aunt.

The human body must maintain a certain acidity and alkalinity to ensure the normal operation of various physiological functions, and will not be easily changed by food or drinking water. If it is so easy to change, it will not be poisoned?

2. People rely on a balanced diet to obtain various micronutrients.

How many micronutrients are there in the water? Water is not the main source of micronutrients at all! It is even more impossible for us to supplement calcium and iron by eating soil. If we chop our hands badly recently, we can only eat soil, which is another matter…

3. Eating meat and eggs does not cause cardiovascular diseases, and drinking milk does not cause cancer.

In addition, vegan diet is not necessarily healthier, vegetarian diet contains less protein, and the utilization rate of vegetable protein is relatively low. Vegan diet is very important to ensure balanced nutrition, and it is easy to suffer from malnutrition if it is not paid attention to.

If you look at the Chinese website of the World Health Organization, you should also know several important facts about [longevity].

[Longevity] The real secret is…

1. People in high-income countries (and regions) live longer than those in low-income countries (and regions)

High income levels and often high medical standards will lead to better monitoring and management of non-communicable diseases (heart disease, stroke, hypertension, etc.), early detection and treatment.

Cancer can be said to be a kind of [geriatric disease] to some extent, and the incidence rate is higher after the age of 50. The more developed the economy, the higher the incidence rate of cancer. However, due to the developed medical conditions, the easier it is to find and treat cancer earlier, which can reduce the mortality rate.

On the contrary, those countries and regions with shorter life expectancy have the lowest incidence of cancer. Why? Because people died before the day they got cancer.

2. To prolong your life, first of all, smoke less and drink less.

Although air pollution and smog are related to the incidence of lung cancer, the correlation is lower than that of tobacco.

Is smog very serious in developed cities such as Beijing and Shanghai? But the average life expectancy in these developed areas is also longer.

Of course, this is not to say that it is not important to control smog, but to tell everyone that if we want to start from ourselves, the first step must be to stay away from tobacco.

Worldwide, tobacco, alcohol consumption, unhealthy diet and lack of exercise are four common risk factors for cancer and other non-communicable diseases.

3. Take the initiative in your own hands

Genetics, climate and society cannot be changed, but the most important thing is oneself.

From ancient times till now, how to live longer has been a topic of concern to everyone, and the health field has become a disaster area for pseudoscience and rumors. If the story at the beginning continues to be compiled, I’m afraid it will become an advertisement selling Bama’s water and Bama’s local products…

If you still find it difficult to identify all kinds of fake data, fake stories and fake academic explanations at a glance, the simplest method is:

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