Are IVF-born children worse than normal-born children?

[Is IVF worse than normal children? This is the concern of many infertile couples.

In fact, this worry is unnecessary. At present, it seems that children born through IVF technology are no different from normal children as long as TA is born healthy.

The world’s first test-tube baby

The IVF technology was first used in 1978 by Professor Robert Edwards of Cambridge University in England. After nearly 38 years of development, the assisted reproductive technology is maturing, and the first [IVF] and their children are living happily.

Louise held the child in her arms with Professor Robert Edwards and her mother.

The world’s first test-tube baby was British Lois Brown, who worked, married and gave birth to a boy in 2006 through natural pregnancy like ordinary people. Her sister Natalie Brown, who was also a test-tube baby, gave birth earlier than her sister and gave birth to two children through natural pregnancy.

China’s First Test Tube Baby

In 1988, the first test-tube baby in mainland China was born in the Third Hospital of Beiyi. Her name was Zheng Mengzhu. This pioneering work was completed by a team led by Professor Zhang Lizhu. Now Zheng Mengzhu has graduated from university and has become a staff member in the Reproductive Center of the Third Hospital of Beiyi.

Professor Zhang Lizhu and the Growing Zheng Mengzhu

Zheng Mengzhu often said: “I am no different from other children, but the method of production is different. They are fertilized naturally, while I am fertilized in vitro, and then implanted into my mother’s uterus. Finally, they are all born after pregnancy in October. I just stayed in the test tube for a few days, with a little scientific and technological content.]

China’s First Embryo Donor Transfer Test Tube Baby

The so-called [embryo transfer] means that sperm and eggs come from donors, which is suitable for couples who really cannot give birth with their own sperm and eggs and want to give birth to their own children.

China’s first embryo transfer test-tube baby project was completed by a team led by Professor Lu Guangxiu. The baby was also born in 1988. His name is Luo Youqun. Now Luo Youqun has become a reproductive medicine specialist and returned to work in the hospital where he was born.

On April 20, 2016, Luo Youqun’s wife gave birth to a daughter, also through natural pregnancy.


In fact, according to the statistics of health departments in various countries, there is no obvious difference in body or intelligence between healthy children born with IVF technology and children born with natural pregnancy. They can grow up slowly like others and have their own work and life.

However, in the end, IVF is an assisted reproductive technology, and people with real fertility difficulties need to use it. Good pregnant doctors hope that everyone can keep healthy, and it is best to get their own baby naturally. If one year of pregnancy is still unable to conceive a child, they must go to the reproductive center of a regular hospital as soon as possible.