Are you scared?

Who in the world has nothing to fear? For example, salesmen are afraid of social parties, Small public actions are afraid of caterpillars, Students are afraid of exams, There are countless people who are afraid of dogs and planes. This Halloween is coming. Everyone made up all kinds of ghosts that no one had ever seen before. Take to the streets to scare people. In most cases, although we are afraid of these things, we will not let them disturb the normal pace of life. Even sometimes, what makes most people in some groups feel afraid can cause people to laugh at themselves humorously: Oh my God, the editor who is urging me to catch up with this article! But when fear and fear become sick, It’s called phobia. This is really not melodramatic. If you don’t believe it, Just say a few words and listen to them. All kinds of phobias 1. Agoraphobia This is the most common kind of phobia. Also known as “place phobia”, patients are afraid of certain specific places. It could be a square, Or other specific environments, Such as stations, bars, offices, etc. Patients develop fear in these places. Palpitation, cold sweat, dizziness. Gradually began to avoid these places, Because they are afraid of fear in these places, And isolated. In severe cases, they may not dare to go out at all. 2. Social phobia patients are afraid of being noticed in social occasions. If it feels unnatural to be noticed, Not willing to make eye contact with others, He even tried to dig a hole in it. But not all social occasions frightened him, Usually, people who are afraid to meet include the opposite sex, bosses, (prospective) in-laws or in-laws, etc. Serious people may even feel flustered and have difficulty breathing. Feeling dead (also called panic attack in medicine). Others may have fear symptoms of all social occasions outside the family. 3. Claustrophobia has a common examination called magnetic resonance imaging. People lie on a platform that can translate. Pushed into a relatively narrow space, Examined like a film, This examination is of high diagnostic value for many diseases, And painless, noninvasive and radiation-free. But there is a kind of patient suffering from [claustrophobia], They can’t do it. They are just afraid of the feeling of being locked up in a small black room. They can’t stand being locked up in a cramped space for about half an hour. They will feel suffocated and nauseous. If they want to escape, they will probably not be able to complete the examination smoothly. 4. Blood dizzy. People often hear people say: “I am most afraid of drawing blood, I am dizzy with blood”! Blood dizziness is a specific form of fear, Knowing that the blood flowing into the tube during blood drawing was not as terrible as what’s, But I just don’t know why, Sick at the sight of blood. And unlike other kinds of phobias, People who are dizzy with blood do not see blood beating faster (people usually beat faster when they are afraid). But the heart beats slowly, Even to the point where cerebral blood supply is insufficient and syncope passes. 5. Acrophobia acrophobia is also a common phobia. Beside the large amusement rides in the amusement park, The sign of the ride instruction will prompt [people suffering from hypertension, heart disease and acrophobia are not allowed to ride]. The patient is at a height that ordinary people can tolerate. Even with adequate protection, I still feel flustered, my legs are soft, my forehead is sweaty, Severe cases can even reach the level of panic attacks, It feels like I’m going to die. 6. Fear of snakes, spiders, dogs… Indeed, many animals have certain dangers themselves. It is perfectly normal to be cautious and to protect yourself from contact or non-contact with these animals as little as possible. However, some patients can be so serious that seeing pictures, reading these words in books, and listening to others mention them in conversation will cause fear reactions. It is already morbid. The common characteristics of phobia are that although the objects of fear are various, However, the patient’s performance has something in common: The core feature is that patients are excessively and unreasonably afraid of certain objective things or situations. Knowing that this fear is unnecessary, But I just can’t control my emotions, And it happens again and again. Therefore, Patients naturally try their best to avoid exposure to these things or situations, When forced to come into contact with these things, Patients will have significant fear, anxiety, Autonomic nerve symptoms associated with this emotion often occur, Such as accelerated heartbeat (slow heartbeat or even syncope in a few cases), cold sweat, trembling limbs, nausea, Then they are more afraid, more afraid to face and avoid. Patients with phobia are often chronic. Sick from childhood or youth, Inadvertently gradually developed, The course of the disease can range from months to decades. Some of the objects of fear are relatively single. Others are more extensive, However, patients who begin to fear a single object, It is also possible that during the development of the disease, The number of objects of fear is gradually increasing. During the whole process of the disease, Patients can experience obvious pain, and their normal life and social functions are impaired. If you find yourself or those around you suffering greatly from fear and interfering with your life, please seek medical treatment in time. This is a treatable disease. (Please click to see: How to treat phobia? ) You can go to the psychiatric department or psychological department of the general hospital when you see a doctor. Or a psychiatric hospital. Last but not least, Not all [excessive fear] is a mental problem, Some may actually be sick. For example, Patients with rabies who have already suffered from the attack, One of the most important manifestations is fear of water. They are afraid of drinking water, hearing the sound of running water, [seeing water] or hearing the word [water] may cause severe cramps in throat muscles and may suffocate to death. In this case, of course, it is even more necessary to see a doctor immediately. This is a matter that must be consulted as soon as possible. Don’t delay.