Beautiful eyelashes may also hurt your eyes.

Long and curled eyelashes can make eyes appear large visually and have the general effect of [discharging], which is highly sought after by people who love beauty from all walks of life.

Under normal circumstances, the upper and lower eyelids cling to the surface of the eyeball and maintain a matching radian. Eyelashes grow forward from the edge of the eyelid and tilt upward to a certain extent. No matter how the eyes rotate, eyelashes should not touch the surface of the eyeball.

However, at the same time, many patients are deeply troubled by long eyelashes, and some are even caused by cosmetic failure. Such eyes are not beautiful in any way.

Why do eyelashes fall long?

Some patients have normal eyelids, but some eyelashes [lost direction] or [lined up in the wrong line] form [disordered eyelashes] or [double eyelashes]. They poke at the eyeball and rub against the surface of the eyeball when the eyeball rotates. This may be congenital or acquired.

In more cases, eyelashes are [wronged].

The direction of eyelash itself is not inverted, but the eyelid is disobedient. It shrinks in the direction of eyeballs and curls inward, forming eyelid entropion. At this time, eyelashes growing on the edge of eyelid rub the eyeball back and forth like a small brush.

There are many reasons for eyelid entropion, which occurs in children’s congenital entropion of eyelid is not uncommon. Among them, the body is fat, the nasal root is not full enough for children, entropion of eyelid is more common. Some can improve with the development of the bridge of the nose or the change of body shape.

In addition, eyelid entropion may also be caused by eyelid inflammation, scars, eyeball atrophy or changes in eyelid muscle strength in the elderly.

Eyelashes fall down, but light or heavy

When the number of inverted eyelashes is small or thin, it may not touch the eyeball or rub the eyeball lightly.

At this time, since the corneal epithelium on the surface of the black eye is not damaged, the patient may not have what symptoms or only have a little foreign body sensation.

In addition to foreign body sensation, severe trichiasis patients may also suffer from jealousy, tears, eye itching and other discomfort.

At this time, children often like to rub their eyes and blink frequently.

When the examination found that the rubbed corneal epithelium was defective, attention should be paid to it. Cornea with epithelial defect is difficult to resist the invasion of external bacteria and is prone to infectious keratitis. Even if there is no infection pathogen, the cornea may form scars in the process of repeated injury and healing, affecting vision.

What should I do if I pull it out and it is long?

For a small number of trichiasis, the simplest way to delay the war is to pull it out.

Under the ophthalmic slit lamp microscope, the trichiasis can be removed one by one. Of course, after pulling out, the inverted eyelashes will soon grow out again.

In order to make it no longer grow, freezing, electrolysis or surgical removal can be used to destroy the hair follicles of trichiasis to achieve the purpose of [permanent depilation].

The trichiasis caused by eyelid entropion is often a whole row, accompanied by the friction between the edge of the eyelid entropion and the eyeball. Therefore, light treatment eyelashes are not good, to fundamentally solve the problem. Some people use the power of adhesive tape to pull the eyelid to turn outward, but obviously, this method is not effective and is not a long-term solution.

Eyelid entropion, which causes obvious damage to ocular surface cells and cannot improve itself, should be corrected by surgery in time.

Beauty is risky,

Any kind of beauty method for eyelid and eyelash, such as eyelash planting and eyelid beauty surgery, must be based on the premise of not causing eyelid position or eyelash abnormality.

Therefore, we advocate going to a regular hospital and performing eye beauty after fully understanding the risks and complications.

Compared with surgery, more people tend to use drugs to improve their appearance, such as increasing the length of eyelashes. However, in fact, there are no effective drugs for trichiasis. Some drugs that increase the effect of eyelashes may also aggravate the condition of patients with trichiasis.

Can trichiasis be prevented?

At present, there is no clear and effective prevention method for entropion or trichiasis caused by congenital or senile degeneration.

However, the only and most important prevention method for eyelid entropion caused by eye diseases, such as blepharitis, trachoma, thyroid-related eye diseases, etc., is to actively cure the original eye diseases.

Editor: Fei Fei

Author: Luo Quan