[Beauty Crown] Ugly Lies, Consequences and Remedial Measures

Until yesterday, I heard the word “beauty crown” from my friends, and in the dentist world, the word has long been notorious.

The word “beauty crown” has never appeared in textbooks. It is most likely to appear in commercial advertisements, in the temptation of uneducated [dentists] and in the mouth of blind and ignorant patients.

What is [Beauty Crown]?

Just like the STD advertisement plastered with telegraph poles decades ago, The cancer of beauty crown is quietly occupying the Internet. The [German Crystal Beauty Crown Technology], [Rapid Whitening of Teeth], [7-day Rapid Correction of Teeth] and other [technologies] advertised by unscrupulous merchants are indeed easy to lure [beauty lovers] who rush to the hospital to be cheated. In addition, there are loopholes in the supervision of the health department, and the current situation is really not optimistic.

In orthodox dental education, The closest thing to [beauty crown] should be called porcelain fused to metal full crown (porcelain tooth), all-ceramic crown, However, the core difference lies in the fact that regular tooth and dentition restoration not only pursues perfect appearance, but also pays more attention to the biological properties of the restoration, that is, the restoration cannot have adverse effects on the remaining healthy tissues, and pursues to restore the function of teeth chewing food.

The reason why [Beauty Crown] is strongly resisted by professionals is that it completely ignores its biological performance and blindly pursues speed and appearance. Even if the appearance does not conform to the real aesthetics, although it looks very white and neat, it often gives people a [false] feeling.

The ugly face of the beauty crown

[Rapid Correction of Teeth], [7 Days Rapid Correction]

In fact, there are not many people in this world who have neat teeth like textbooks, but most people’s morphological function is still normal, which we still call normal occlusion. There are also some people whose teeth are especially disordered. Dentists call them [malocclusion]. Words such as buck teeth and earth-covered sky, which people often describe as ugly appearance of a person, hurt people’s self-esteem very much. There are not a few people who want to change their appearance once and for all.

After graduation, they are in a hurry to find a job interview and are busy with blind dates. If such people lack professional knowledge, they are really vulnerable to temptation.

Black hearts [dentists] often do this: Grind all your disordered teeth small-usually in a very large amount, who makes your teeth so well-and then put a row of [hats] on the outside. The hats are very white and unusually neat. Then your interview confidence suddenly rises, and you talk loudly and smile confidently during the interview…

Then, the seemingly successful interview is over, regardless of whether you have successfully won the favor and heart of the interviewer or blind date and reached the peak of your life, then the pain will begin to torture you.

The injury of wearing [a hat]

Pulp injury

Each tooth is wrapped in a tissue called dental pulp, which provides tooth nutrition and produces sensation.

Before, when grinding the teeth to wear the [hat], the hard tissue of the outer layer of the teeth was excessively ground, because the high heat generated by the high-speed rotating needle and the stimulation of the adhesive excited the pulp of the tooth core through the few [dentin] left.

Once inflammation occurs in dental pulp, it is basically impossible to control it through drugs. Acute or chronic pulpitis may occur, and periapical inflammation may also develop. Teeth will suffer from pain from now on. If left unattended, endless pus flow will begin.

Long-term periodontal injury

However, the pain is not over, because [beauty crown] makers never consider the long-term oral health and ignore the pressure of white hats on gums. Other parts are difficult to clean by brushing teeth and gargling. Food residues will lead to inflammation of gums, which will further affect periodontal health.

At first, it was just gum bleeding. Gradually, the teeth will loosen and the alveolar bone will become thinner and shorter. At this time, it will also produce the common gum swelling, halitosis and pus overflow of periodontitis patients-now, you will probably go back to the beginning and dare not speak again. Otherwise, not only will colleagues and leaders abandon it, how can the object kiss you?

A regular dentist’s

When you realize the mistake you made at that time and go to the regular dentist again, he will have to remove all your pale hats. Now, the grinded teeth are black and loose, some even broken, and have to be uprooted.

At this time, no matter how regretful it is, the teeth will not grow again. These patients are also the most troublesome to dentists because the restoration is extremely difficult.

Since then, the patient can only stay with dentures for life.

Similarly, some people’s teeth are yellow in color, and when they see the slogan of “quick tooth whitening”, they take the bait, and the manufacturer of “beauty crown” tricks the patients to grind their teeth small and wear a white hat.

Now everyone should know that dirty businessmen can only do two things: [fool] and [wear hats].

Normal practice

If the teeth are not neat, you should see a doctor in the stomatology department (orthodontic department) of a regular hospital or clinic for regular orthodontic treatment.

For adults, correcting teeth to a relatively normal occlusion is definitely not effective in a week. The treatment time can be as long as one to two years or even longer. Believe in science, work slowly and work carefully.

Orthodontists will never grind your teeth small and then wear crowns. You may have to pull out a few teeth because of treatment needs, but this is to make the remaining teeth complete and healthy.

Traditional orthodontic treatment uses special steel wires to slowly correct dislocated teeth, commonly known as [hoop teeth], which may change ugliness temporarily, but your confidence will come back on the day the steel wires are removed.

Different from the maker of [beauty crown], the dentist will definitely not give you the package ticket of [reaching the peak of life and becoming a winner in life]. He will tell you all the problems that will occur during the treatment process, including controllable and uncontrollable adverse reactions. Will tell you the usual cleaning methods; Tell you the effect you will get after the treatment, and you need to return to the clinic at regular intervals.

[Beauty Crown] Treatment Is Completely Undesirable?

If you still think [beauty crown] is a treatment method that can be considered here, it is terminally ill and hopeless. Again, [beauty crown] is a commercial gimmick, and the hyped [treatment method] has no indications. The medicine cannot stop!

How does TIPS identify [value-added services]?

Returning to the beginning, my friend consulted me a few days ago and said that [the beauty crown is recommended by the doctor to be made by the patient, which can reduce tooth decay]. I can’t understand it. This is either the dentist’s fault or the patient’s misunderstanding.

As a virtuous dentist, it is only natural to provide appropriate treatment to get paid, but it is obviously inappropriate to provide excessive medical services. So as a kind white patient, how should we identify these [value-added services]?

There are many treatments and prosthetic materials for patients to choose from in dental treatment. Patients should make reasonable choices under the guidance of dentists and in combination with their own conditions (especially economic conditions). However, dentists will provide information on the advantages and disadvantages of various treatments.

When he blindly recommends a certain treatment method, only talks about its good side, deliberately avoids adverse reactions, coupled with high prices, the patient should be cautious, and it is no harm to consult more doctors.

To be exact, good oral care is the best value-added service. Dentists with good professional qualities often provide oral hygiene education after treatment, including daily health care guidance on how to brush their teeth correctly, floss how, and clean dentures and how.

These are precisely the means of low cost and high income.

Note: This occlusion in malocclusion is a word, which cannot be directly entered on most computers now. The word occlusion can only be typed by zooming the two words.

Author: He Jianliang