Beware of [Divine Medicine] Harming Mother: A Menopause Response Guide for Children

Since I communicated with my parents about menopause, they have a correct understanding of menopause and the tension between parents has eased a lot. However, my mother told me that it was all due to several menopause [magic drugs] introduced to her by her sisters.

Hearing the word “magic medicine”, I couldn’t help seeing black at the moment. Even my mother began to believe in [magic medicine]? Are the climacteric [magic drugs] that are spreading wildly among friends really effective?

Let’s discuss the so-called menopause [magic medicine] and the correct coping plan for menopause.

Menopause [magic medicine] is risky, don’t believe it.

I asked my mother to send the so-called “magic medicine” photo, and I was shocked just by looking at the packaging: there are still many drugs that brazenly write the words “magic medicine” and “panacea” on the packaging.

Looking at the ingredients of these drugs alone, they are not as magical as those written on the package. Whether it is traditional Chinese medicine or western medicine, it is nothing more than supplementing some estrogen, which is regarded as hormone replacement therapy, and it is also mixed with some sedative ingredients.

After taking these drugs, they usually have certain effects, so people will mistakenly think they are reliable and trust and promote them.

However, our mothers ignored two important facts:

  1. These drugs may have many imperceptible side effects, and there is no experimental data to observe the impact of these drugs on the incidence of ovarian cancer and endometrial cancer. They should not be used safely because they do not show harm in a short period of time.

  2. Almost all of these drugs are unqualified drugs or health care products. Whether they have passed strict clinical trials is even more unknown, and even their safety cannot be guaranteed.

Is menopause what?

Menopause is a transitional period, in which women’s reproductive function will gradually decline from exuberance to complete loss.

The main clinical manifestations of menopause involve eight aspects: menstrual disorder, mental and neurological symptoms, vascular dysfunction, sexual difficulties, bone and joint diseases, easy occurrence of tumors, urinary system diseases and relaxation of pelvic floor support structure.

The above situation will have a great impact on the quality of life of women. It must be given enough attention and reasonable treatment. Leisure may lead to more serious consequences. Of course, this refers to scientific methods, not relying on the so-called “magic drugs”.

To deal with menopause, these should pay attention to

I called my mother back, first telling her about the [magic medicine] problems, and at the same time giving her suggestions:

1. Live as usual and know yourself correctly.

Most climacteric women have obvious mood swings, but they don’t have to deliberately change their past living habits or worry too much. They should try to control and accept themselves. In addition to keeping a normal diet and regular work and rest, they can also read books, newspapers or TV every day and take part in exercises such as square dancing.

If you are too bored at home, go out and walk more, such as traveling with your sisters, and learn some new technologies to keep your material and spiritual world in a stable state.

2. Check regularly to understand your health.

Menopausal women should try their best to have a comprehensive gynecological examination every six months to one year. For example, leucorrhea routine, TCT cervical lesion examination technology, HPV virus examination that may lead to cervical cancer, gynecological B-ultrasound, etc., so as to fully understand their own situation and discover various common climacteric diseases as soon as possible, such as vaginitis, cervical lesions or cervical cancer, endometrial lesions or ovarian lesions.

In particular, if there are obvious abnormal symptoms, such as irregular vaginal bleeding, leucorrhea abnormality, atrial hemorrhage or pain, etc., timely treatment should be given.

3. Regular use of multivitamin tablets and calcium tablets

Supplementing necessary vitamins every day is not only helpful to physical health, but also helpful to regulate autonomic nerve function, which can effectively control mental and emotional fluctuations.

Calcium tablets are supplemented to combat osteoporosis caused by calcium ion loss and relieve common symptoms of joint pain and weak movement in climacteric women. If you can exercise properly, the effect will be better.

Step 4 Use hormone replacement therapy with caution

Hormone replacement therapy is not totally undesirable, but medication should strictly follow the < < Guidelines for Clinical Application of Menopausal Management and Hormone Replenishment Therapy (2012 Edition) > > formulated by the Menopausal Group of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Branch of the Chinese Medical Association in 2012.

The commonly used drugs for hormone replacement therapy are natural or synthetic estrogen, progesterone and estrogen-pregnancy androgen compound drugs.

Each drug has its own way of taking it, There are also side effects. For example, taking estrogen and progesterone in combination to simulate the estrogen and progesterone levels during the normal menstrual cycle can relieve climacteric symptoms, prevent osteoporosis and delay aging, but it may also cause irregular vaginal bleeding and to some extent may also increase the incidence of endometrial cancer and breast cancer.

Blind use of hormone replacement therapy may have serious consequences and must be very cautious.

Menopause, peace of mind is very important

Menopausal women should learn to accept the increase of age and physical aging with a peaceful mind. Although this is cruel, they should let nature take its course.

This is a necessary stage of life. In this process, one should learn to adjust one’s emotions as much as possible. Unless the symptoms are very obvious and unbearable, one should not take drugs easily.

I hope all mothers can spend this time smoothly and begin to enjoy a more wonderful life for the middle-aged and the elderly.

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