Bitterness in the mouth may be a big trouble.

There are many times when people will hear such words:

After getting up in the morning, I feel bitter in my mouth.

Just use it for a while after brushing your teeth, and then it becomes bitter again.

Eating what is bitter and cannot be swallowed at all…

I don’t know if my friends have ever experienced [bitter mouth], or are they used to it? But this is definitely not a trivial matter!

In medicine, [bitter taste] is a relatively common taste abnormality, and [metallic taste in the mouth] and [unspeakable strange taste in the mouth] are also common manifestations of taste abnormality-they often occur at the same time or alternately.

However, there are also times when [bitter taste] is due to the fact that bitter substances that should not appear in the mouth do appear.

What will happen if your mouth is bitter?

Some people may think that [bitter mouth] is a small problem, and if you endure it, you will pass, and if you get used to it, you will have no problem. But in fact, this seemingly minor discomfort often has big troubles hidden behind it.

1. Eat more and more oil and salt

Only with heavy taste can the bitter taste be overshadowed. However, if you eat too much oil and salt, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases will follow!

Step 2: Weight Loss

Long-term loss of appetite and eating less will lead to malnutrition, and the body will slowly weaken. All kinds of diseases should be found.

3. Food poisoning

Because the bitter mouth may cover up the taste of spoiled food, food poisoning may occur, and vomiting and diarrhea may occur in mild cases. If you accidentally encounter botulinum toxin or aflatoxin, there may be fatal danger.

Step 4: Depression

If you don’t even have the pleasure of eating, life still has what meaning?

Why is this happening?

Bitter mouth, metal taste and so on, in addition to the above hazards, may also be a signal of physical diseases! Not only oral problems, many systemic diseases can also lead to bitter mouth, the reasons are very complex and diverse. Therefore, if you go to see a doctor, you should be prepared to run many departments.

The more common causes of bitter mouth may include these:

1. Oral Diseases

Poor oral hygiene can not only cause toothache and periodontitis, but also bring unpleasant tastes such as halitosis and bitter taste. Infections such as gums, tongue and salivary glands may also lead to problems in the mouth’s perception of taste.

Step 2: Smoking

In addition to the bad smell of tobacco, the ingredients in tobacco will also stimulate taste buds for a long time, which may bring wrong feelings.

3. Dry mouth or dehydration

Almost everyone gets up in the morning with dry mouth and peculiar smell in his mouth. He often gets better after brushing his teeth and drinking water. However, some people feel that their mouth has been bitter because of long-term dry mouth.

4. Nerve damage

The sensation of the tongue must be transmitted to the brain through nerves before we can know that it is what’s taste. If the head is traumatized, or if it is exposed to substances toxic to nerves for a long time, or even dementia, which hurts nerves or brain, it may lead to confusion in the sensation of taste.

5. Drug effects

Side effects of many drugs may lead to bitter mouth, such as rifampicin (used to treat tuberculosis), captopril (an antihypertensive drug), lithium preparations (used to treat various mental diseases) or tumor chemotherapy drugs.

6. Deficiency of vitamins or trace elements

Lack of vitamin B12 or zinc may cause bitter mouth.

7. Other systemic diseases or health problems

Diabetes, liver disease, kidney disease, some cancers and many other diseases may lead to abnormal taste in the mouth or taste problems.

Alleviate and prevent bitter mouth, starting from these

Now that you know the reason, it is very helpful to suggest that you do these points in your life.

STEP 1 Pay Attention to Oral Hygiene

Go to see a dentist, treat periodontal disease, wash your teeth regularly, and learn the correct method of brushing your teeth. Only when you have good teeth can you have a good appetite. Feel that your mouth is dry for a long time and unbearable, and you also need to find out the cause.

Step 2 Quit smoking

The benefits of quitting smoking are definitely not as simple as fresh breath. Quitting smoking can also reduce the risk of various cancers such as lung cancer and oral cancer, and can also alleviate the progress of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Quit smoking quickly and cut off your cigarette!

Step 3 Stay away from hazardous chemicals

Chemistry is everywhere in life, not all [chemicals] are harmful, but chemicals harmful to human body should be kept away as far as possible.

4. Supplement vitamins and trace elements in an appropriate amount.

Eat more coarse grains, vegetables and fruits, eat meat, eggs and milk in an appropriate amount, and balance nutrition. In most cases, it can meet the needs of vitamins and trace elements. It is really insufficient, and can be supplemented with compound nutrient tablets, but it is necessary to ensure the appropriate dosage-if trace elements are supplemented, problems will easily occur.

Of course, there are still many mouth pains caused by diseases, so active control and treatment of these diseases are the key, and it is also a multi-purpose thing.

Bitterness in your mouth seems to be a trivial matter, but it is actually very exquisite. Maybe some of your relatives and friends are suffering from it, but they can’t say it. Show them quickly!