Breastfeeding mothers, these 10 artifacts are worth owning!

I often hear Baoma complain like this:

Compared with the trouble of breast-feeding, the day of pregnancy is simply heaven.

Indeed, only mothers who have endured chapped nipples, discomfort from rising milk and embarrassment of milk leakage will understand the hardships of breast-feeding days.

Don’t worry, Baoma is suffering in her heart. Doctor Clove has a unique skill ~ recommend 10 miracles for breast-feeding, and let everyone realize [as long as she is happy to be a mother, don’t suffer from breast-feeding].

Don’t say much, dry goods!

Sheep oil/nipple protection cream

If you have chapped nipples and have to breast-feed if the pain is too great, sheep oil can play a role.

Sheep oil, also known as lanolin, helps moisturize and can promote the healing of chapped nipples. Moreover, it is also safe for babies and does not need to be washed away before lactation.

Of course, nipple cream with other ingredients can also play a similar role, but you should be optimistic about the ingredients and instructions, and you should choose those marked with “safe entrance” and “edible” before you can rest assured.

Breast shield/nipple protection cover

Some mothers have serious nipple invagination and can use breast shields to help solve the problem when feeding is difficult. However, for babies under 100 days old, it is not recommended to use breast shields to feed, so as not to cause nipple confusion and affect pro-feeding.

Mothers with chapped nipples can protect their nipples from friction and stimulation of clothes by smearing sheep oil and then wearing milk shields after lactation.

Breast pump

Breast pump is more worry-free and time-saving than manual milking. When the baby cannot be fed, breast pump can relieve the discomfort of rising milk and help the mother maintain milk production.

At the same time, for mothers with some inverted nipples, the negative pressure breast pump can suck out the inverted nipples to facilitate lactation.

Milk pad

There are many styles of milk pads, including disposable, removable, washable and reusable. Everyone can choose according to their own preferences. The most important point is that they are comfortable.

One thing to pay attention to when using is that the milk pad should be replaced in time when it is wet, otherwise, long-term humidity may lead to nipple skin allergy or infection.

Breastfeeding Bra

In the late pregnancy, many precious mothers will [raise their cups], and the previous bra is not suitable.

It is suggested that in the last month of pregnancy, it should be replaced by a breast-feeding bra to provide suitable space and support for the grown breasts.

The design of breast-feeding bra is also more ingenious: there are buttons that can be opened in front, which can expose breast-feeding. Moreover, the insertion pad design can also insert the breast pad to avoid the embarrassment of breast overflow.

Pillows, armchairs and pedals

Holding the baby to breast-feed is a physical activity. A big fat baby in my arms, after more than ten minutes, my waist, back and arms are hardly my own.

At this time, a comfortable pillow is very useful. Placing a pillow behind your back can provide support for your mother’s lumbar spine and arms, and also help to maintain the correct breast-feeding posture, thus avoiding breast-feeding pain.

The same is true for armchairs and small stools. Mother will sit comfortably, relax and be more comfortable in feeding milk.

Breast-feeding towel

Take the baby out of the house, can’t find the mother and infant room for a while, what should I do?

Although Dr. Clove firmly believes that the mother is the most beautiful when nursing, sometimes, some people still point fingers at the mother who exposes her breasts, which makes people embarrassed.

At this time, a breast-feeding towel can solve the embarrassment of breast-feeding in public. Moreover, the breast-feeding towel is also designed very well, and there is no pressure to match it as a single item.


Adequate drinking water is the key to ensuring milk quantity. If the mother urinates less frequently and the urine color is darker, then she is short of water.

Generally speaking, for nursing mothers, they need to drink more water, and they are guaranteed to drink 2.1 litres of water every day, which is about 10 cups. The water here includes plain boiled water and beverages.

If you drink a lot of soup while eating, you can reduce the amount of drinking water appropriately. The appropriate amount of drinking water can be judged by observing urine and dry lips.

Mommy’s bag

A mommy bag with sufficient capacity and reasonable partition can save a lot of trouble for nursing when going out. Compared with portable ones, it is more recommended that precious mothers choose the style of backpack: in this way, both hands can be free to hold the baby.

In addition to the choice of styles, the equipment in Mummy’s bag is also very important, which can be used as standard in Mummy’s bag:

Diapers, paper towels, sheep oil, diaper pads or towels, baby’s laundry, milk pads, drinks and breast-feeding towels.

Of course, mothers can also equip themselves with upgraded versions according to the actual situation: such as breast pump, milk bottle, small storage bag, etc.

The Ultimate Artifact: A Reliable Baba

A reliable father can solve all kinds of psychological and physical discomfort of precious mothers:

He is the right-hand man who helps the baby change diapers, is the intimate comfort of postpartum depression, and is also the human flesh transport plane when going out.

Really, whoever uses it knows!

These breast-feeding artifacts (except the last one) are generally sold in mother and infant products shops. Many breast-feeding products are of different styles and sizes. It is suggested that everyone consult the clerk well before purchasing and must choose a suitable one for themselves.

With these breast-feeding artifacts, I believe Baoma can enjoy breast-feeding, which is the exclusive glory of this mother.