Can myasthenia gravis patients take diazepam drugs?

Almost all the instructions for diazepam drugs will say [myasthenia gravis patients are forbidden or used with caution]! Due to the muscle relaxation effect of diazepam drugs, In theory and practice, it does partially aggravate the symptoms of myasthenia gravis patients’ myasthenia, and even worsen respiratory function in patients with dyspnea. However, nothing in clinical practice is absolute, otherwise it becomes mechanical [scripted] and cannot actually help patients solve the problem. Therefore, all kinds of clinical problems are actually relative!

If the patient has significant anxiety and sleep disorders, It will also significantly aggravate the condition of myasthenia gravis patients, If the patient can use diazepam drugs under the doctor’s evaluation and follow-up. For example, patients in pre-crisis or crisis are completely able to use diazepam drugs. Under strict medical monitoring, if the patient cannot sleep at night and is anxious and nervous, it is completely possible to use tranquilizers to improve sleep and mood and guide the patient’s mood to change to a positive direction. Imagine that a patient who cannot sleep all night and is seriously anxious will have good myasthenia symptoms. Or the myasthenia condition of the patient has been obviously controlled and improved, but there is insomnia and anxiety. At this time, the latter becomes the main contradiction of the patient. Of course, the use of diazepam drugs for the patient can be considered based on the principle of “mainly solving the main contradiction in reality”.

Commonly used diazepam drugs are diazepam, alprazolam, estazolam and clonazepam. Alprazolam tablets, 0.4 mg once a night, are often selected according to the actual situation of patients. Due to the moderate anti-anxiety and sleeping effects of alprazolam, it can be considered as the first choice to improve insomnia and or anxiety of myasthenia gravis patients.

However, myasthenia gravis patients cannot make their own decisions when they need to use diazepam drugs, and must be standardized under the guidance of the attending doctor’s advice!

Author: Huashan myopathy group

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