Can pregnant women eat ice cream? What are the taboos during pregnancy?

Pregnancy should have been a life course worthy of expectant mothers’ careful experience and full enjoyment, but many [taboos] have made expectant mothers cautious and scared all day long regardless of whether they eat what or do what.

What are the real taboos? Which need not worry too much? Let obstetrician Dr. Duan Tao answer your questions.

Q: Can I watch a movie?

A: Of course, you can watch movies. There is no problem watching horror movies or too noisy movies. At most, fetal movements will be more frequent than usual.

However, it is better to watch less of this kind of movie, and the best choice is relaxed movies or romantic love movies.

Q: Can I eat hairy crabs? Some people say that when eating hairy crabs during pregnancy, the child will always spit bubbles in his mouth and like to walk sideways. I still can’t help eating them. What should I do?

A: If this is the case, then your child who eats pork during pregnancy will look like a pig, your child who eats mushrooms will look like a mushroom, and your child who eats durian will look like durian?

Please don’t always use your heels to think about these exotic conclusions in the future [eat more pig brains to supplement your brains].

Q: Can I have sashimi?

A: Yes, but make sure the sashimi is fresh, free from contamination and parasites. If your husband can eat it, you can eat it. But if you are worried that it is difficult to guarantee the above factors, cook it a little.

Q: Can I have ice cream?

A: Yes, not only when you are pregnant, but also during your period.

When do you think foreigners have stopped? It’s just that you should eat less and relieve your appetite, because ice cream is not a healthy food, and you will gain weight and overweight if you eat too much.

Q: Can I have soy sauce?

A: Some old people say that they can no longer eat soy sauce when they are pregnant, otherwise the child will have very dark skin. In fact, this is not the case at all. There is no need to worry at all.

If you are really, really worried, then [drink more soy milk, soy milk is white, you can wash away the black pair of soy sauce]. (what? Do you believe my reply? )

Q: Can I have coffee?

A: Of course you can drink coffee, but don’t overdo it, as long as the daily intake of caffeine does not exceed 200 mg. A 225 ml cup of ordinary coffee contains about 100-200 mg of caffeine. It should be noted that besides coffee, tea and cola also contain caffeine.

Q: Can I go shopping?

A: Of course. Unless there are threatened miscarriages and threatened premature births, shopping when pregnant has many advantages. For example, it can exercise, keep happy, promote consumption and boost GDP. However, don’t drag husbands who don’t want to go shopping. For many men, shopping is an unimaginable torture.

Q: Can I go XXOO?

A: The American Academy of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) believes that XXOO can still be carried out after pregnancy.

According to my personal clinical experience, XXOO can continue after pregnancy, whether it is early pregnancy, middle pregnancy or late pregnancy, unless it is not suitable for patients with complications or complications in a few cases.

Q: Can I drive? Can I take a plane?

A: You can drive or fly. Pregnant women should not only strictly abide by traffic rules, but also pay special attention to safety belts and airbags when driving.

The belt of the safety belt should be placed under the [big belly] and straddle the buttocks and pelvis. Shoulder straps span the chest obliquely and are placed between the two breasts. The top should be placed in the middle of the collarbone and not near the neck. If you want to fly, you’d better contact the airline in advance to confirm the maximum gestational age that can be flown.

Most airlines do not allow flying after 36 weeks of pregnancy.

Q: Will anger affect the baby?

A: It doesn’t matter if you lose your temper occasionally. Always losing your temper is not conducive to prenatal education. A few serious cases will [move fetal qi], causing uterine contraction and premature delivery. Suggestion: Have more children and be less angry!

Editor: Yidan

Author: Duan Tao