Can socks and underwear be washed together?

Perhaps more girls are concerned about this problem. On the one hand, girls generally have higher requirements for hygiene. On the other hand, because the urethra is short and the urethra and reproductive orifice are closer to the anus, women are more likely to suffer from genitourinary tract infection. Therefore, this problem seems to have a greater relationship with women.

In some cases, it can really be washed together!

First of all, I’d like to tell you a good news. Underwear and socks can indeed be conveniently thrown into the washing machine for washing under the following conditions.

1. Solitary and single persons

Why can these people wash their underwear and socks together? Because they belong to the same person!

In fact, socks are usually expected to be in a relatively closed environment and have even less contact with the outside environment than hands and faces. Therefore, if the feet are healthy and dry, and the underwear and socks are changed daily, in this case, we think the two can be washed together.

2. Clothes can be dried in time.

In a dry environment, clothes can be quickly dried and dried after washing. With a dryer, clothes can also quickly become dry.

During the plum rains season in March and April in the south, Dry clothes are often a headache, This season is also the season of high incidence of mycosis. Fungi are very common pathogenic factors of feet. They mostly grow in warm, humid and humid places and spread and reproduce by producing spores. In addition, other microorganisms, in warm and humid environment, can generally maintain strong reproductive capacity.

Therefore, if the washed clothes can be dried or dried quickly, it is not conducive to the reproduction and spread of pathogenic bacteria. If there are such conditions, underwear and socks can also be washed together.

3. Immunity is normal

Fungi are widespread in the environment, but only people with weak immune system are more likely to be infected by fungi. Similarly, people with weak immunity are more likely to be infected with other bacteria and viruses than people with normal immunity under the same environment.

However, low immunity is not only due to some natural reasons, but also due to diabetes, AIDS, cancer and chemotherapy.

Excluding the above low immunity, it is allowed to wash clothes and socks together.

4. No skin or genital discomfort

No matter the feet or genitals, underpants and socks are washed together, if there is no discomfort and no abnormality observed by naked eyes, it can be considered that the clothes and socks are washed together without any problem.

Why can we wash together?

Some accidents, right? Socks are relatively [dirty] in the general concept, while underpants need to be kept relatively [clean]. Can they really be washed together?

In fact, washing clothes already has the function of disinfection (click to view the article). After cleaning and drying, it is enough to make the materials that directly contact the skin in daily life clean and harmless. However, in a dry environment, most pathogenic microorganisms (mainly fungi and a small part of viruses) do not have pathogenic ability.

In addition, it is not only the pathogenic microorganisms in the environment, but also the immunity of the human body that decides whether to get sick.

The human body has its own immune barrier, which is the [Great Wall] of the human body. The skin and genitourinary tract mucosa isolate pathogenic microorganisms through this barrier. There are also various immune cells in the body, which bear the responsibility of removing [escaping fish] from the body.

Wash together, how is safer?

Now you may be relieved, not to say that washing together will definitely lead to illness. However, we can do better, making underwear and socks less likely to cause illness after contact.

Step 1 Clean the washing machine regularly

There are two parts of the washing machine that are easy to hide dirt and accept dirt.

One is the inner tank of the washing machine, that is, the interlayer between the inner cylinder and the outer cylinder. During washing, sewage will flow between the washing machine tank and the inner cylinder. Over time, impurities such as scale, laundry detergent free matter, laundry fibers, dirt and human organic matter will adhere to the wall of the inner tank, accumulating a layer of stubborn scale and becoming a hotbed for bacteria breeding.

The second is the inlet of washing machine, softener and detergent. The remaining accumulated water in these places is mixed with detergent and softener, and the chance of staining with dirt is very high.

How do you clean the washing machine sink?

It is reported in the literature that 250 g of washing machine tank cleaning agent containing 6.25 g/L percarbonate is used to inject water to the highest water level of the washing machine. After 2 hours, the average killing rates of Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Candida albicans are 100%, 99.98% and 99.91% respectively [1].

2. Use detergent with additional disinfection capability

At present, some laundry detergents on the market claim to have disinfection function, while other special laundry detergents have additional disinfection function. After soaking underwear and socks together, you can wash them together with confidence. Friends who are afraid of trouble can consider using these products.

In some cases, it is better to wash separately.

Although there is no data directly confirming that washing underwear and socks together can spread diseases of genitals and feet, according to the guidelines of CDC in the United States, many diseases can still be directly spread through sharing clothes, towels or direct skin contact. Among these diseases, fungal infections include candidiasis, mucormycosis and ringworm of money. There are also viral infections, such as molluscum, etc. [2].

Therefore, in some cases, underwear and socks are still considered to be washed separately:

1. In the public laundry room or laundry equipment, the underwear shall be washed separately as far as possible without knowing the cleaning condition of the laundry equipment and the physical condition of the previous user;

2. Children’s close-fitting clothes are washed separately, because children’s immune function is not perfect and their immunity is weaker than that of adults.

3. There are pets or carpets in the home, and they often walk around the home barefoot or wearing socks.

4. You are obsessed with cleanliness, or your requirements for clothes are not only [harmless].

5. [Under special circumstances], please wash separately.

Generally speaking, [special circumstances] include situations where microorganisms remain on stains for a longer period of time, or abnormal symptoms or feelings occur in the body; Specifically, it can be divided into the following situations:

1. There are stains on underpants caused by women’s physiological period;

2. Suffering from anorectal diseases such as diarrhea or hemorrhoids;

3. When there is something that should not grow, such as genital vegetations;

4. There is local skin damage due to the lack of things that should not be less.

5. Abnormal dryness and molting of skin;

6. Abnormal moist skin and mucosa, such as abnormal secretions;

7. Abnormal sensation, such as pain, scorching heat, pruritus, etc.

We suggest that you choose!

As far as our intuitive feelings are concerned, The socks are dirty, The underpants are cleaner. However, If these two kinds of clothes are washed together under certain circumstances, it is not a problem. In addition, we can also use some methods to make the clothes washed in this way safer. However, this is not completely risk-free. For those who want to be lazy, please take a seat according to the information given in the article before deciding whether to wash underwear and socks together.

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