Children’s Plastic Runway Poisoning

Many students in many kindergartens and primary schools in Beijing have nosebleeds, dizziness, cough, rashes, etc. Parents are anxious and the public is angry.

All this pointed directly to the newly built plastic runway on campus, which still smelled bad.

The plastic runway said [I am wronged]

The plastic runway has a history of more than 50 years since 1961, when Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company (said [3M] Company you all know) laid a 200-meter-long horse racing runway.

In 1968, the plastic runway was officially adopted in the Olympic Games and was positioned as one of the necessary conditions for international competitions. Human beings have set new records and challenged the limits on the plastic runway again and again. And we also witnessed the rise of male god Liu Xiang and Asian flying man Su Bingtian.

Having been used all over the world for so many years, plastic runways have their own advantages: elasticity, comfortable feet, obvious reduction of transportation injuries, and anti-skid and wear-resistant.

However, it is now pointed out by Wan Fu that the plastic runway is [very unjust].

Why do some runways [poison]

The most common plastic runway is polyurethane plastic runway. Its basic raw materials are polyether polyol and isocyanate. Among them, isocyanate is mainly TDI (toluene 2, 4-diisocyanate). Research has proved that it belongs to hazardous materials.

In addition, there are lead, mercury, tin and other catalysts, plasticizers, bibenzene solvents and so on in the runway. According to official opinions, these ingredients are safe within the limits of national standards. However, experts pointed out that construction contractors illegally use inferior materials, conservative estimates, nearly 70% of the plastic runway materials are unqualified.

However, the [toxic gas] released by plastic runways made of inferior materials may come from TDI, toluene, xylene, etc.

Generally speaking, TDI’s toxicity and volatilization are limited, so it has little impact on health. However, in summer, when the sun is scorching, if the surface temperature is above 60 degrees, the concentration of volatile gas increases sharply, and when the lung is ventilated during vigorous activities, a large amount of gas will be inhaled in a short time.

The most important thing is that benzene substances volatilized from unqualified plastic runways are still possible to affect human body, especially children in their growth and development period.

Will the child get leukemia?

Since 70% of the runway materials are not up to standard, will the child get leukemia in this environment for a long time?

It is possible. Benzene has toxic damage to bone marrow, but it depends on concentration and time.

Long-term low-concentration benzene exposure can cause aplastic anemia, lymphoma and even leukemia. In addition, there are three environmental factors that are easy to cause leukemia: tobacco inhalation, high-dose radiation exposure, and chemotherapy drugs.

Does it affect children’s intelligence? It is not yet certain. However, these situations are worth paying attention to:

Cough, cough, cough, qi, qi, asthma

Nausea, nausea, poor appetite, don’t want to eat

Dizziness, headache, insomnia, dreaminess, don’t want to study

Nosebleeds, gum bleeding, fever, ecchymosis, lack of strength

If the child has the above manifestations and is not limited to the above manifestations, he should go to the hospital for examination in time.

Tip: Beware of these poisonous gases in your home


In addition to producing delicious food, the hearth is also accompanied by a large amount of cooking fume, which contains polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons represented by benzopyrene, which has been classified as carcinogenic indoor pollution by the International Cancer Research Institute.

Countermeasures: On the Importance of a Good Range Hood.


In addition to bringing comfortable environment to home decoration, coatings, paints, adhesives, artificial boards, wallpaper, carpets, etc. in decoration may bring formaldehyde and benzene series.

Countermeasures: Choose environmental protection materials; After 4 months of summer decoration and 6 months of winter decoration, move in again. Place green plants and activated carbon; Use indoor air purifier.


Girls who love beauty, please note that nail polish may contain formaldehyde, toluene and other harmful substances. Hair dye may contain nitrobenzene, phenol, m-phenylenediamine and other chemical components.

Countermeasures: Don’t buy cheap and inferior fake products. The expensive ones are not necessarily good, but the good ones are not cheap. When applying nail polish, pay attention to ventilation and let it go with the wind. Put an end to the bad habit of biting nails, especially nails coated with nail polish. Do not dye your hair frequently. Avoid dyeing hair when scalp is damaged.

In life, there are also [toxic gas] risks such as second-hand smoke, automobile exhaust, smog, etc. It is not easy to live in an environment where both shock and danger coexist, and it is even more difficult to be a parent in such an environment.

Avoiding contact may be the best protection. But when it cannot be avoided, don’t panic too much. We should believe that some toxic substances can be metabolized under the action of the body’s powerful immune system.