Computer control, teach you a few tricks to deal with eye fatigue

Although staring at computer screens, smart phones, video games or other digital devices for a long time will not cause permanent eye damage, be careful: your eyes will also feel dry and tired.

Computer Controlled Multiple Eye Fatigue

1. Under normal circumstances, the average blink per minute is about 18 times, but research suggests that whether we are working or entertaining, the number of blinks will be halved when we use computers or other digital devices.

2. Long-term reading, writing or other focused close work can lead to eye fatigue.

What about eye fatigue

1. Keep 25 inches (about 63 centimeters) with the screen and adjust the screen to a slightly overlooking position;

2. Reduce screen glare through area lighting, and wear goggles when necessary;

3. Give the computer a casual post: Blink your eyes! To remind yourself to blink;

4. [20-20-20] Rule: Look up 20 feet (about 6 meters) every 20 minutes for at least 20 seconds;

5. When the eyes are dry, give the eyes some artificial tears to moisten them slightly.

6. Ensure regular computer work and rest and enough sleep as much as possible.

How to deal with the aggravation of computer-controlled eye fatigue

1. Supplement sleep: When you lack sleep, you may feel eye pain. Because during sleep, the eyes can rest for a long time and get nutrient supplies;

2. If you need to use a computer to complete marathon tasks, if possible, remember to take regular rest or take a nap.

3. Use a towel soaked in warm water to apply hot compress to dry eyes.

4. If your eyes are dry and tired, stop working for a nap or a nap.

Proper Wear and Care of Contact Lenses

For small partners who wear contact lenses, especially those who need to use computers or other digital equipment frequently, they must use and clean the contact lenses correctly, because correct operation helps to avoid eye pain, swelling, infection and vision problems.

1. Let your eyes breathe: wear frame glasses for a while;

2. Avoid sleeping with contact lenses, although they claim to be worn for a long time;

3. Use good cleaning and nursing liquid;

4. Several Suggestions to Keep in Mind When Nursing Contact Lenses:

(1) Avoid lens contact with water, and clean and save the lens with new solution every time;

(2) When cleaning contact lenses, be sure to scrub them, even if they are non-wiping nursing liquid;

(3) Clean the storage box regularly with new nursing liquid and replace it every 2 to 3 months.

(4) If there is any red eye, blurred vision, tears, photophobia or pain, swelling or secretions, stop wearing contact lenses and see a doctor as soon as possible.