Confession of One Foot: Instable Blood Glucose, Changing Me from [Jade Foot] to [Sugar Foot]

Hello everyone, I am the foot of a diabetic patient. My original name was [Yuzu], but I changed my name later. Now my name is [Tangzu].

There is also a story about my change of name.

Sit down and listen to me slowly.

The Cause of [Sugar Foot]

Once, I was called “Jade Foot”. I was very healthy, able to run and jump. My body was ruddy and soft, and I was very popular.

However, since my master was diagnosed with high blood sugar and diabetes, I gradually felt that my body had changed.

Although the blood sugar is high, the host either forgot to take medicine, or forgot to monitor the blood sugar, and did not pay attention to diet control and exercise. The host’s blood sugar control is not good, and my condition is getting worse and worse.

Until one day, I felt that I was in great pain when my master was walking. I could only rest for a while before I could continue walking. Over and over again, my master could not stand it, so I went to the diabetes clinic to see a doctor.

The doctor told him that this was ischemic diabetic foot. And warned the owner, must control blood sugar well, pay attention to foot care.

This is great. I have changed from a healthy foot to a diabetic foot, and my name has changed from [Yuzu] to [Sugar Foot].

Fortunately, the incident touched the host very much. Since then, the host has paid special attention to my care. Do you think I can also be called [every cloud has a silver lining]?

Sugar Foot’s Little Friends

I am an ischemic diabetic foot, and I cannot touch the pulsation of the dorsal artery of the foot, which is often manifested as pain after walking for a long time.

I also have two small friends whose temper is different from mine.

A small partner is neurodiabetic foot. His body is very dry because of neuropathy. He is always cool at ordinary times and never feels pain when touched by small stones and the like.

Moreover, due to muscular atrophy, the arch of his foot lost its support, and his body was deformed, obviously manifested by the collapse of the arch of his foot, and the third and fourth toes became like chicken feet. Due to such claw-shaped toes, he often claimed to be a “hawk”-with eagle-like claws.

But his master was not happy for him, because his poor physical condition forced his master to spend a lot of money to match him with a pair of special diabetes shoes.

Another small partner is ischemic neurodiabetic foot. He is a complex of the two of us. He can’t touch the pulsation of the dorsal foot artery on his body, and it will hurt if he walks for a long time. Moreover, his body is dry, insensitive and slightly deformed.

The doctor said to my master, not get diabetes, foot is diabetic foot, but because of poor blood sugar control, diabetes develops to a certain extent, foot nerve, vascular diseases, is diabetic foot. Moreover, diabetic foot is easy to cause infection, and will lead to further aggravation of the disease.

Sugar foot prevents infection and needs the owner’s meticulous care.

Because I am easily infected and not easy to recover from infection, even leading to gangrene and amputation, my master usually pays great attention to my protection.

Shoes and socks

At ordinary times, the host chooses loose and breathable shoes, The sole is relatively soft, toe cap is also round head, never pinch feet. The owner of socks does not choose very tight, and, in order to better observe whether I am injured and bleeding, often choose white cotton socks, and the benefits of choosing white can find out whether the skin is damaged and bleeding in time. Before wearing shoes, the owner is very careful and always checks whether there are foreign bodies in shoes.


At ordinary times, when the master cuts my toenails, he cuts them flat, and always cuts them in a place with sufficient light, for fear of hurting me because he cannot see clearly. The master never uses scissors to trim dead skin. For corns, he never uses corns cream or blades to treat them himself, because it is easy to cause wounds and infection.

Foot soaking

The host will always take a bath for me before going to bed, and will measure the water temperature with a thermometer before taking a bath for me. After taking a bath for me, he will carefully dry me with a soft dry towel, give me a full-body examination, and apply a thin layer of moisturizer.

A small wound almost caused big trouble.

Although the host took care of me so carefully, I also had several crises: my body was injured, resulting in some small wounds. Fortunately, the host handled it properly under the guidance of the doctor, which did not make me infected.

The first time was when the host and his friend went mountaineering and accidentally knocked me on the rock in sandals, causing bruises.

Although it was a small wound, the owner did not underestimate it. He quickly disinfected the wound with medical alcohol and then bandaged it with sterile gauze. Moreover, the owner paid great attention to my situation every day and planned to go to the hospital to see a doctor once the wound became red and swollen, fever and purulent secretions.

Fortunately, my recovery was good, so my master changed my gauze every three days until the wound healed.

On another occasion, my master accidentally walked and knocked his foot on the side of the road, causing me a bloody hole in my body. This will hurt me. This open wound has troubled me for a long time.

Although the host disinfected me with iodophor and bandaged me with sterile gauze pieces and bandages, he was still not at ease and went to the hospital.

After seeing it, the doctor told the host that he could go home to change dressing, but he should pay attention to the following points when changing dressing:

    First of all, moisten the gauze block with normal saline, and uncover the gauze block with tweezers instead of tearing it hard. Rinse the wound with normal saline. Then disinfect the skin around the wound with iodophor. Finally, the wound was wrapped with new sterile gauze pieces and bandages.

After a week of this treatment, the host found that the wound on my body had not healed and there were signs of infection: the wound was red, swollen and festering. At this moment, the host came to the hospital again and asked the doctor to deal with it.

The doctor cleaned the wound for the host and chose dressings to help the wound heal.

The doctor told the host that different types of diabetic feet need to choose different dressings, and the doctor will judge the specific dressings according to the disease condition.

With the careful treatment of the doctor and the active cooperation of the host, the wound gradually healed and I finally recovered slowly.

At this point, my master paid more attention to my care, actively cooperated with the doctor’s treatment, and strictly controlled blood sugar.

What’s more, this old smoker, who has been smoking for more than 30 years, listened to the doctor and gave up smoking with great determination.

In my master’s words, only when you get sick can you know the value of health. In order not to make your diabetic foot more serious, quitting smoking and controlling sugar are not discussed.

What do you think?