Correct advice to parents over 50

Cardiovascular diseases, especially sudden myocardial infarction, seriously threaten the health of the middle-aged and the elderly. What should I do when sudden chest pain occurs?

Please read the text in the figure below carefully and share it with those in need.

You may ask why you want to do this. Next, Dr. Clove will explain it to you in detail.

Why lie flat or sit?

If it is sudden myocardial infarction, lying flat can reduce energy consumption, reduce myocardial oxygen consumption and slow down the progress of myocardial ischemia, so lying flat is preferred to rest.

However, some patients may suffer from heart failure. Once lying down, dyspnea will occur, aggravating the disease. It is best to sit on the sofa or bedside at this time.

Why can’t you take medicine indiscriminately?

Whether Danshen Dropping Pills can treat or relieve myocardial ischemia has yet to be verified, so it is not necessary to take Danshen Dropping Pills after sudden chest pain.

If it is myocardial infarction and cardiogenic shock, nitroglycerin will aggravate hypotension and even fatal. I have had angina pectoris attacks before, nitroglycerin has been used, and I can take it only if I have the conditions to measure blood pressure in time and make sure that blood pressure is not low.

Aspirin plays an anticoagulant role. If chest pain is caused by coronary heart disease, taking aspirin is effective. However, severe chest pain is not necessarily caused by coronary heart disease, but may also be caused by aortic dissection. Ordinary people will not judge. At this time, taking anticoagulant aspirin is taboo! It will increase bleeding and cause worse effects.

Why do you want to prepare medical records?

So that doctors can understand the disease condition as quickly as possible and take more targeted measures.


Prepare medical records, measure blood pressure, inhale oxygen, etc. must be carried out with the help of others! The patient himself must rest!

If it is an elderly person living alone, please put the medical records and drugs in a more convenient place to find and inform his family. After sudden chest pain, please call the emergency number first, then open the door and inform the family members. In the process of waiting for emergency personnel, you must not hold on to activities!