Cough water can’t stop at all.

There are news reports that a young man is addicted to cough water and has spent millions of yuan in three years. Is this cough water what? Why can people not stop?

There are many kinds of cough medicine, Such as the Federation, Mrs. Pei, Lijian Ting, Kefei, Oting, etc., But they all have one thing in common, Although the therapeutic effect is good, But abuse is addictive. Among them, the federal cough syrup is the representative. This kind of cough water is antitussive drugs, is also prescription drugs, long-term abuse can lead to dependence and even addiction. Mild people appear hypokalemia, leading to bone looseness, severe people appear mental symptoms, even death. It is very difficult to quit by oneself, and it is recommended to go to a professional treatment institution for treatment.

The main components of cough water are codeine phosphate and ephedrine hydrochloride.

Codeine phosphate

Codeine phosphate is a central antitussive drug, Generally used for dry cough without phlegm, it has antitussive and analgesic functions. Its strength is one quarter of morphine’s, and it can excite the respiratory central nervous system. A large amount of administration will produce pleasure and hallucinations, dizziness, tachycardia and other adverse reactions, and long-term drinking will be addictive. Similar to opium, heroin and other drugs.

Ephedrine hydrochloride

Ephedrine hydrochloride has antiasthmatic, exciting and anesthetic effects, but it belongs to psychotropic drugs. Ephedrine is a raw material for making methamphetamine and ecstasy, and is also addictive when taken in large quantities for a long time.

Because cough water has strong addiction, it is listed as prescription drugs by relevant departments of the state. Drugs and drugs are not only a word difference, it is especially important to establish the awareness of safe medication.