Did you really choose the right shoes to wear every day?

Only the feet know whether the shoes are suitable or not.

However, since the foot cannot speak, it can only tell us through other means (such as pain and sprained foot) that today’s shoes seem a little uncomfortable.

However, when we buy shoes, we often pay more attention to whether this pair of shoes will make us change our beauty and whether our legs will be [elongated], ignoring whether it conforms to the physiological structure of the feet and will bring unnecessary harm to the feet and even the body.

Today, Dr. Clove will come to talk to you about the health risks brought to us by those inappropriate shoes.

Killer 1: Shoes with Small Size

In fact, many people’s shoes are small in size, commonly known as “wearing small shoes”.

Both feet have been suppressed in a pair of inappropriate shoes-

    Calluses, blisters, cysts, corns, etc. will appear on the feet. May cause arthritis; If children have been wearing shoes of small size, serious cases will lead to bone deformity of both feet, causing permanent damage.

It is not cost-effective to lose a pair of feet for a pair of shoes.

Solution: Accurately measure the size of your feet. Buy as many shoes as you have feet.

The best way to measure is in the afternoon or evening. There are detailed pictures and texts on the Internet for specific measurement methods. You can follow the measurement.

In addition, many people’s feet are one big and one small, and it is best to give priority to the size of the big feet when choosing shoe sizes.

Murderer 2: Toe Sneakers

Many shoes that imitate bare-footed running are actually promoted for commercial marketing purposes.

At present, there is no evidence to show the benefits of toe-splitting shoes, and toe-splitting shoes themselves lack cushioning and supporting effects on feet. If they are not trained properly, they will be easily injured.

Solution: Don’t buy it, wear regular running shoes honestly,

Murderer 3: flip-flops

Flip-flops are also the love of many people, but they have no support for the arch of the foot. If they are worn for a long time-

    Causing plantar pain and even plantar fasciitis; Causing knee, hip and back problems.

Solution: Change pairs of fitness or sports flip-flops

Although sports flip-flops are not the best solution, their soles are generally thick, which can protect their feet from being easily stepped on or scratched. Some also have curves supporting the arch of the foot, which is more suitable for daily walking and activities.

In addition, because the wound of diabetic patients is not easy to heal, it is better not to wear flip-flops.

Murderer 4: Pointed Shoes

Pointed shoes look very foreign and are basically eaten by both men and women, but behind their good looks, their feet silently bear all the injuries brought about by beauty.

When all the toes have been squeezed into the small pointed heads-

    May cause pain, toe cysts, blisters and hallux valgus; May compress toenails; In severe cases, toenail deformity and abscission will be caused.

Solution: A pair of wide-headed shoes,

Wide-headed shoes may not look so good, but you can choose to change into wide-headed shoes or other soft shoes in the office to relax your toes.

No matter how bad it is, you can also choose some blunt round-headed shoes, at least it is not so harmful to your toes.

Murderer 5: High Heels

High heels are not only the heart of women, but also many men’s styles are very good-looking, which makes people fondle admiringly.

Love, just wear it, just don’t wear it without leaving your feet.

The harm caused by wearing high heels may be well understood by everyone-

    Grinding heels: When wearing high heels, the heels will basically be [rubbed up and down]. If the material of the shoes is hard, it will be over. Blisters, redness, synovial bursitis and tendinitis will have to be provoked, which may lead to bone deformity in serious cases. Sprain of the foot: The foot will be sprained when walking, which will cause ligament tear or fracture in serious cases. The foot is in a non-physiological position for a long time: when wearing high heels, the weight of the whole body is pressed on the sole of the foot, which may lead to inflammation, peripheral nerve injury and even bone fracture over time; Toe deformity: When the weight of the whole body is concentrated on the forefoot and oppresses the toes, toe deformity and hallux valgus may be caused.

Solution: Choose shoes with shorter heels directly,

There is no better way, bid farewell to those super beautiful stilettos…

Remember, the lower the heel, the closer the foot is to the natural functional position, and the less vulnerable it is to oppression and injury.

Murderer 6: Ballet Flats

Ballet shoes look beautiful and light to wear, but because their soles are very thin, they basically have no support for the arch of the foot, which is easy to cause the same problems as flip-flops.

Solution: Add a corrective pad,

If you must wear ballet shoes, you’d better pad them with insoles:

    Pad under the heel to prevent heel pain; Pad a full sole pad to make the whole sole more comfortable.

Murderer 7: Slope Heel Platform Shoes

The sole of this kind of shoe is generally relatively hard, walking and standing, both feet will be uncomfortable; Similar to high heels, wearing platform shoes with slope heels will also oppress the back of the foot.

Solution: Choose shoes with small slope

If you must wear platform shoes with slope heels, shoes with gentle slope will help reduce the pressure on the back of your foot.

However, even if the slope is small, it is not recommended to wear it for a long time. Too hard soles are always not suitable for both feet.

In fact, shoes suitable for feet are not so difficult to choose. Dr. Clove gives three immature tips here:

    The front end of the shoe should not be too sharp but not too wide. The sole can provide sufficient arch support. As far as possible, the heel should choose the thick heel with large stress area, and the height should not exceed 5 cm.

There are always some shoes that look good and feel comfortable.