Do you know the benefits of masturbation? Incredibly can reduce impotence probability!

Masturbation, masturbation, pistol shooting, plane shooting, Lu… A good thing, let’s use such words to describe, immediately feel disgraced.

I once described in the previous article < does redundant foreskin necessarily require surgery > > [by the age of 17, 99% of men have mastered the skill of manually and instantly changing the state of foreskin from high collar to lapel. Moreover, they often practice this skill, alone, silently, repeatedly, and against audio and video materials. Just like burst drummers, persistence, loneliness, and later satisfaction.]

Look, how inspiring!

The ancients said it more gracefully: [jump up in your crotch, please come out of the strange Guanglang head, and use the fifth sister as the predestination.]

This beginning is to tell everyone that masturbation is normal and beautiful.

Masturbation is a common phenomenon

Masturbation is private, and many people still feel ashamed of masturbation. The survey shows that 60.09% of women and 46.79% of men think this is uncivilized behavior [1].

A paper on masturbation in the Chinese Journal of Male Sciences used an anonymous online survey [2]. Of the 7,077 people who participated in the survey, 86.31% were under 35 years old. Among the people who participated in the survey, women also accounted for about 25%. The results show that:

    3.62% had never masturbated before, 20.42% had masturbated less than once a month, 58.75% had masturbated more than once a month, 12.37% had masturbated once a day, and 4.87% had masturbated more than once a day.

Ladies and gentlemen, take your seats accordingly.

If your criterion for judging whether things are safe or not is whether most people have done so, then the above research can show that masturbation is normal once a day.

Masturbation is good for health

Research from Wuhan shows [3] that people who have sex less than once a week are twice as likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction (impotence) as people who have sex more than once a week!

See clearly, the incidence rate of not having sex is higher… and those who have sex twice a week and those who have sex more than or equal to three times a week are 63% and 85% less at risk of impotence than those who have sex less than once a week. The conclusion of this study is the same as that of a Finnish study [4].

What if there is no sexual partner? Masturbating.

This study also shows that masturbation is helpful to maintain sexual function.

This reason is very simple, the cardinal does not worm, running water does not rot. Every vigorous masturbation is a comprehensive review of sexual function, mobilizing the operation of relevant blood vessels and nerves.

Moreover, masturbation is conducive to reducing the sensitivity of penis surface, especially glans penis.

Lower sensitivity means that it can last longer in sex.

You are not wrong, in the classic urological guidelines [5], masturbation is a way to treat premature ejaculation.

Before sharing a room, self-promotion and lowering the sensitivity will make the second erection of men more lasting. Of course, this is only recommended to people with premature ejaculation symptoms.

How many times is masturbation moderate?

No one knows the answer. Just like some people run 5 kilometers every day and train with heavy loads, some people will catch their breath on the second floor.

[Moderate] Just like the shoe size, only you know it. You can continue to explore in practice and sum up a set of effective and suitable schemes.

As long as it does not affect the next erection and does not cause serious discomfort to penis, scrotum and urethra.

As for the folk rumors such as masturbation is not long and hair turns white, as a doctor and researcher, I can only say that there is no evidence to support these claims. Personally, it is probably the shame of masturbation or the elder’s fear of children’s indulgence.

Safety is the most important thing.

There is nothing wrong with masturbating, but don’t choose masturbating methods that don’t take the usual route.

Steel balls, pens, wires, iron wires, thermometers, straws, springs, nails, staples… (including but not limited to all the above items are supported by literature) have been found in men’s urethra, all of which were stuffed in pursuit of pleasure, and the result was that they could not be taken out…

Urethral injury caused by foreign bodies may also cause urethral stricture. During treatment, steel rods with a length of 15 cm from thin to thick need to be inserted bit by bit from the urethral orifice to expand… Brain repair, do you clamp your legs in pain?

Therefore, normal masturbation is OK, can lie down, can stand, can squat, can sit, can watch small movies, can imagine the sister next door, as long as there is no additional difficult movements, causing damage. If you catch your roommate in the dormitory or toilet, don’t make embarrassment, remember to share good resources.